Hello from Newfoundland
Just a quick hello from a dedicated dart player in Newfoundland, Canada. New to the group and looking forward to posting to and learning from the group. Chris Lee

paul williams darts
i have set up a website for my brother paul williams please feel free to look around & join the forum regular updates on the darting scene www.paulwilliamsdarts.co.uk

Message for Jim - Pubshots
Hi Jim, Sorry, but couldn't think of any other way of contacting you. Every time I have sent an email to you it has been bounced by SORBS (presumably your ISP uses them for anti-s...

Steve Coote website announcement
Ok, after searching and not finding a website for Steve Coote, I have now made one. I have also secured Steve's permission in this endeavor, and look forward to regular updates and p...

A dream?
I can't see U2 singing into the heart an cat dubh unless this is there final tour...i mean they are 44. unles they are like the stones i think they might retire after this tour....i hope not...

Darts as a Sport
Congratulations UK... Canada to follow... All interested parties contact Bill Atkinson www.canprodartscorp.com

new darts blog
I just started a darts blog in an attempt to open up some dialog on the strategies involved with darts. So far I have posted some stuff on Cricket but will add more as time goes on. Take...


Steve Coote website
Do any of you know if Steve Coote has a website by chance? Thanks, Ricky

proper stance
since we've done finger placement lately, lets discuss stance. most folks I see, as well as the on-line tutorials recommend standing with most of your weight on the foreward foot. the...

Hi Folks
Haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would, just to say hi if nothing else. Practice hasn't improved much but I still enjoy it. Form has improved though so I'm sure score...

replacement dividers
anyone know where I can get a replacement divider rings for my board? i can't seem to find them anywhere!

Dart Quotes
Anyone know any famous dart quotes (funny or wise...). I looked onlne for a while and couldn't find any good ones. Thanks.

3-IN-A-BED Shameless Plug
Hi, My regular shameless plug is well overdue, so here we go. 3-IN-A-BED - excellent darts game you can buy for peanuts and play on your PC forever: www.3inabed.com <...

New Site
Motocross World Championship MX1 www.ricciracing.it

mi state cricket
24 annual michigan state cricket championship march 18-20 saginaw valley darting assoc. at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel 989-753-6608 fri. luck of the draw 8:30 sat.4 men & ...

Wayne Mardle
Pleased he won tonight. Maybe he should go back to being a semi-pro - he's been pants since turing pro. Still I'd like to be as good as a tenth of him. PS I work ...

Finger placement
I'm new to darts. Can anyone point me to any diagrams on the web, of finger placement on the dart barrel? Do most people hold the dart with thumb and index finger only?

Hey- I want a free IPOD, Why not you.
Hey- I want a free IPOD, Why not you. Check out this site that is giving away totally FREE iPods! I've joined and I think you should as well. I'm not gonna say I'm a skepti...

Hello + Dart-Stop backboard experience?
Hello everyone. I'm new to darts. Just started throwing a couple weeks ago. I've been checking out boards and darts, and googled those subjects for previous comments here. The...

EXChalk.com page updates
Thought I'd let you guys know that we've made a few updates to http://www.ezchalk.com There is now an Active Desktop code snippet available, for windows users. Just click the li...

Max 3 years to $3M :: No Joke!
A Brilliant Combination just hit the Net for the First Time Ever! A genuine Dot Com Millionaire is now actively involved in wealth creation for the normal internet user... Sit ba...

Q: wo kann manin aachen darts und zubehör kaufen?
Hi Jungs, wollte mir mal ein paar neue Pfeile zulegen, gibts da in Aachen was, jetzt mal abgesehen vom Drucks wo ich nicht unbedingt hin will. Grüße Marcel ...

Dart Supply Retailers and League Organizers
Retailers - PubShots.com now offers wholesale bulk pricing on quantities of 15 or more. League Organizers - PubShots.com now offers customized "Awards Night" packages.

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