My Singles Stats to date
Hi all, Kind of slow here over the last few days, so I thought I'd post how I'm doing in my C level league this season. I'm currently topping my team on 9:3 (75%), although ...

Why soft points?
Is it a liability issue? were people getting drunk and poking themselves and lawyers having a feeding frenzy so most establishments started forbidding steel points? Are there any states or p...

any dart throwers near New Haven, Connecticut?
Hi, Im relatively new to the area and I dont know my way around town very well. I would like to get back into tossing a few darts now and then and I'd like to find a cool place in the New Ha... - Dart related artwork, apparel and more
Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let you know of a new site I just opened to sell framed prints, posters, apparel and more with artwork I've created of dart related scenarios. ...

Phil Taylor piece in UK Q Magazine
Just incase anyone is interested, there is a tiny interview in Q magazine with Phil Taylor. Not worth buying, but if it's on your retailer's shelf it's a quick 2 min read. I don't know the... - affordable billiard & darts supplies
Just wanted to share this new site with everyone, offers some of the internet's lowest prices on a wide variety of billiards & dart merchandise. Just offering this to sha...

And the truth shall set ye free Uncle Normie

Just say NO to Bin Ladin Dartboards!!!!
Hi all I am helping a friend promote a web site. You see a childhood friend of hers lost her husband at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. She has run into some hard times and my frei...

English Mark Darts video monitors for sale
I am posting this for a friend. He has a couple of the 9" amber monitors used in the Arachnid "English Mark Dart" games (Super 6, a.k.a. the 6000 series). They are in good condition and have...

M3 darts
Hi, Does someone use M3 darts ? What are the benefits of this technologie ? Wich one will you recommand to me in 22g with a good grip ? Thanks for your answ...

Well done Andy Fordham
Runner up at the Masters of Darts, and he's lost 10lb over the last two weeks. Bet he's chuffed to bits! __________________________________________________ There's never a bi...

NBA Basketball 2005, anyone played it yet?
Everyone's been talking about how you can download the NBA Basketball 2005 sim game from your cell phone. I think you have to send a text to NBA 69847. Has anyone tried it yet? I want to giv...

Dart identification
Does anyone know what model of dart is featured on the Datadart homepage ( Also, where might one be able to buy Datadart darts in North America?

Custom Woodwork for Darters
It's hard to find anything "truly" customized for your dart room. After looking around for such items I decided I'd use my experience as a woodworker and build my own. Stop by my site belo...

Are there rules that govern the amount of lighting a dartboard should receive for tournament play? In billiards/pool, the table should have at least 520 lux (48 footcandles) of light at eve...

Where to find dart supp-lies in US online
Hi, Where can I find dart supplies (soft tip) online in the U.S? Thanks, Bill

Tonight's Barney vs Taylor
5-2 to Taylor. It was 2-2 but then Taylor pulled away. To be honest, if Taylor had hit his doubles it would have been more convincing. Towards the end Barney was missing his doub...

Doughnut dart surrounds
Iggy Thank you for the nice words about If you call us next week with your past order # we have a gift coupon waiting for you with your name on it :) ...

Hands sweting
any advice for prevent hand sweting -- Dax P.S. Sorry for my english I'm french canadian by the way.

Free Shipping on Sporting Goods (orders of $75 or more) 21-22805*nUutU&offerid=63348.10001542&type=1&subid=0

Hallo, perhaps someone can help me: For our Dartsvideo Exchange and Archive we need a copy of the Tournament 'Masters of Darts'. DVD or VHS, both will work. We pay with money or D...

Masters of Darts coverage?
Any chance of someone out there running a web-cam link once this starts? Or know of any web-based coverage? I sure wish we could pick this up in the states!

Dougnut dart surrounds
The other day, I ordered one of those doughnut surrounds. A Durro. Cost me a $ton, including the $17 shipping from England. But I was looking around for another one the next day, fou...

Masters of Darts Tournament
Obviously this tournament starting Feb 7 will not be available to players across the ocean. Whats the chances of someone taping the entire event for me? I would be happy to ...

darts software for Macintosh
Hi is there any Darts software for Macintosh runing on OS X??? Any thing that work in Java of an Excel Database I don't know... I find out the web site

Help for Newbie
I play since 25 months and I play really good darts, my advice to you guys is stick to your darts ans get use to them, don't switch your darts set when you have a bad game, the problem is ...

1st 180
I have been playing Darts in the Redfield & Distrist darts league (Bristol) since October 1984 and tonight I scored my first maximum 180 in compition darts. I have hit the maximum well over...

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