Online darts scoring system I have developed a free online (no download needed) darts scoring system that lets 2 people play each other in darts over the internet. The site is only in ...

Emerging online Dartpro community...come check us out!!!
Some may remember posts in the past regarding the Rusys Dartpro FREE software...Well the latest edition has just come out(2.6) and has even more features. This program will help you organ...

Why Stompe,David ?
Hello, can someone explain why Stompe, David and Fordham playing this Masters of Darts? For me: This are not the Masters (Fordham eventually). There is no King, O'Shea, Fitt...

Bad dartboards in pubs...
My local dart pub has a dartboard problem...they are terrible. The owner says he only replaces them once a year (and he seems to think that enough from the way he says it). I don...

Would Someone Help a Newbie ???
Well I remember really enjoying playing cricket with my friends years ago and now Im thinking of getting a board so now I can teach my wife and son to play. Well I started looking at equi...

Out with the old...
Just bought a new Bandit Pro Trainer - wow, what a nice board. The powder coated spider and number ring really makes a difference reducing light glare, and those tiny scoring areas have to...

AOL Pulls Plug on Newsgroup Service
The world's largest ISP is cutting off direct access to one of the oldest, coolest -- and strangest -- parts of the Internet. America Online has quietly announced that it will discontinue p...

How Far Left or Right of Center
Hi to all! A friend came over the other day and during a friendly game, more correctly called practice :) he asked me this question to which I have no idea. How far left or right...

Greetings from
Hello, is relaunched!. You find us on: Toplist,Videos,Forum,Downloads,Player-Cam and more... ...

martin adams music
Has anyone have the music of martin adams when he is coming on stage. i am looking for it Thanks Buske

Dart program
Is there a program so i can keep the results on the computer. I would like to have a visual basic programmed , so i can change it to my own. ( I am not good enough in visual basic to make ...

Electronic scoreboard
I use to work at the Post Office many moons ago, and they had a portable electronic wall-mounted dart board where you would press the 'buttons' to calculate the remaining target - are these ...

Tech: Valley Cougar Power Supply
Does anyone know what the correct voltages should be from the power supply to the boards? Also, does anyone have one for sale should my voltage be the problem? Thanks, OT

Premier League Darts - Sky
Anyone watch it last night ? Was it good ?

I'm looking for tip to learn My Checkout
Hi everyone! I play since 2 years and I'm adicted to darts, but I'm strugling with my checkout number, I've found a lot fo checkout list but none are the same so I'm always conf...

Looking for Martin Sytsma
I am looking for Martin Sytsma. He made a very nice dart program and i am looking for the source code. Please when someone has his email adres let me know! Compuinfo ...

Golf vs. Darts
Last month the Associated Press named Annika Sorenstam their Female Athlete of the Year. Here's a somewhat funny -- and provocative column -- that criticizes the award, saying g...

I love Sports So Much
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Bambi (Mieke De Boer)
If you want to see a top Dutch female darter posing for Playboy (Dutch) go to google and type in Mieke De Boer playboy. Would post a link but not sure of ages and also don't want to offend...

Ted Hankeys Entrance Music - Here it is
DJ Zany - Be On Your Way -- All incoming and outgoing emails & files scanned by Norton AntiVirus 2005

Casual Games
I'd like to find a pub in North London (within striking distance of Tufnell Park) where there is a reasonable chance of finding a casual game of darts on a regular basis. Any id...

The Masters Of Darts What a tournament this looks set to be! Feb 7th it all kicks off, 4 BDO players(Barneveld, Fordham, David, Stompe) Vs...

The PDC Vs The BDO, Stats That Matter!
Last week we were having a healthy debate on which organisation was the better, the PDC or BDO. Stats mad Johan believed that both organisations were about even, this was due to a list of m...

Celebrity fit club
ITV1 9.00. That fat fucker Andy Fordham will be on it. He'd lose a stone just by shaving his beard off.

Daryl Fitton's missus ....
..... scheeeeerwing !

Was Barney Vs Wolfie a Fix??
I noticed that Barney & Wolfie 'had dinner' the night before the final. Was something worked out? A lot of the play was very odd.I have never before seen Barney hit the double abo...

how do you make a dart spin in flight ?
Hi there I was watching the final from the lakeside earlier today. It showed the players throwing the darts very slowly. They appeared to be spining through the air.

Adams vs Barney
Looking forward to seeing the out come of this tussle. The way Barney has been playing he should win with relative ease. Although I have heard some rumours it may be a fix and that he will...

where to buy darts online
what web sites do most of the newsgroup use to buy darts online.would like to use UK based web sites.

Darts Music
Does anyone know the what Ted Hankey's entrance music is? It's got 'This Is My Territory' in it. Thanks Peter Geddes PS - Why did the BDO & PDC split up? I kno...

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