Barneveld to the PDC ... is this ever possible ??
Is it ever possible that Raymond van Barneveld will play for the PDC ? What makes it possible that he will play for the PDC, is it money or something else ?? I would love to see h...

These are some strange distances
Hi, I am from the Bahamas where I used to play a lot of darts. But I live in the US now and have gotten rusty as illustrated by the butt whooping I received on my most recent tri...

my darts betting slip for outright tournament wins
B D O World Darts Championship: 2005 T David @ 16/1 B D O World Darts Championship: 2005 T West @ 16/1 B D O World Darts Championship: 2005 A Fordham @ 12/1 B D...

My Best '01 Game Ever
Just droping a note to toot my own horn. Played my best game ever in the Portland (Oregon) Holiday Open '01 semi-finals (steel tip) a couple of weeks ago. 76 on (T20, ...

Two ways to improve this years PDC championship
Sack Sid Waddell and the score-caller who sounds like he's had a traceotomy

PDC "wimps" format!
Anyone else think that the World Championships format at the PDC this year is a bit wimpy and biased towards the elite? The rounds one and two are filter rounds, and it is only knockou...

PDC live audio Thought I'd post the link for anyone like me that couldn't find it in the first 12 hours or so. :) Ricky

Repointing Machine
looking for a Repointing Machine to remove the points from my one that works like a pop rivet gun but it pulls the points out off the darts ,but ive just broke it .can any one po...

UK:Sky's darts coverage is free on DSF (satellite)
If you have an analogue dish and not Sky Sports, the world darts is free, *live* and unscrambled on DSF (Astra transponder 21). has the details (subtract...

Happy holidays..
Just a note to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and at least a dozen 180's and 177's in 2005... all the best from the cold white north, where the snow is melting and the bananas are re...

Fun Dart Mentals
Hi all, was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a beginners book. looking at Fun-dart-men-tals: by Frank Pratt any better ideas? tnx. ps think ...

accuracy record?
Hello, all, I was trying to remember this after a frustrating round of doubles round the world, where it took me -- well, let's just say, a LOT of darts to get through.

Stupid question about scoring...well, sorta.
I was looking at waiting on a match to start, and it occured to me that I don't have a clue what the doubles percentage is. Is this talking about...

Help me identify my darts please?
Hi, As I mentioned in my earlier post "9 mark... kind of" I'm trying to identify my fixed point darts. I was given them about 20 years ago (used) and they came in a red leatheret...

A Christmas Recommendation
Hi All, I know it is a bit late to be making recommendations for Xmas as most people have already bought their gifts, etc. But from time to time people ask me what a darter would like as a ...

Web Page
HI Folks! Been ill for awhile but I haven't been stagnant. I have never completed 4 yrs of college, taught nuclear physics or organic chem. so it only follows that my web page building abi...

web site
I've created a web site dedicated to practice. Some people have found it useful/interesting. I don't tell you how to practice, I just publish all of my dart stats from practice an...

Corvette Dart Flights
I am looking for Corvette Dart flights. I have searched all four corners of the earth trying to locate these. If anyone has some they are willing to sell I am very interested. Also if y...

9 Mark...kind of
I hit my first Cricket 9mk in our team practice last night - T20, T18, T15. Technically it was only a 7mk as I only needed 1mk to close out the 15s, but I don't care! I achieved m...

got a name?
What would be a good name for a sports bar/pool room/dart room. I have had some good ideas for names that are more for pool since that's my first love, but I don't want to leave out the d...

Any Techniques for mental math
I was hoping to find out ideas for mental math? At the line i really have a hard time subtracting and adding then trying to figure out what I need to throw for a out. Thanks

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