Spiraline Flights
Hi folks, I thought I'd post a pic of my new Spiraline flights for all to see. I have posted it to my blog: http://zeeple.blogspot.com/2004/11/here-is-pic-of-my-new-spike-style.html <...

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Ever Felt Like Packing Up?
A friend of mine(also a darts fanatic) turned up at work today and declared that he was through with darts. He's going through a real bad patch, even missing the board regularly. The final...

Favorite Tunes
What's your favorite music to throw to? I guess it's a question for home throwers when they can control it :) Me? Any Floyd Any Aerosmith. -eric ...

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Might be gone for a week
My Winmau board sits...might get rid of dsl tomorrow. But cable is comming soon...for example...in a week or so. What an expression: I'll be back...and probably have my board up :) by the...

But not where I want 'em to; of course. What can you expect? Haven't thrown in almost 30 yrs. I'll get the board up tomorrow and get a pic for you guys. Then you'll have a good...

I Will
Thanks for the link, I got a lot of good advise there, and I bookmarked it so I'll be back for more info. Got my darts assembled and thought I'd be throwing tonight but hahaha, th...

Got my Stuff
My Gawwwwd! the Blade II is HEAVY!!! Gonna put the darts together and make the flights right Think Ilm gonna have to wait till tomorrow to get a wall anchor so the thing wil...

BC: Thanks for the Great posts, I never wouldn't have gotten any of that info with the resources I have here. Especially like the one about the Big T*TS! Laughed my ass off! I ...

Taylor VS Fordham-- Updates please?
Will one of you people lucky enough to be on the side of the pond where information for darts are actually available please post updates here from time to time? I've looked on Planetdarts ...

Howdy, anyone know if I can get the big game live through NTL? Can find it on front row and customer service is shut... -- Mauron

The Big Match Is ON!
Tonight's the night! Fordham against Taylor! Best of 13 sets. Should be very interesting. I just can't see Fordham taking Taylor over that distance. Even if the Viking takes the first 2...

Points on the board?
I have never played the game of dart before and i wonder how to count the points on the board. For example the field "20" has 6 divisions (including the bullseye)- what are the point ...

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Anyone Throw Darts Tonight?
I didn't, like to hear though?

Sent you an email, hope you got it zman

just got an email from edarts, order was sent yesterday because they had to wait for the Blade 2 boards, which they told me was so via phone. So I'm waiting....somewhat patiently...

edarts order
I Just got an email from-darts, said my board etc. was sent Wednesday, yesterday. Cool. I can't wait. BTW thanks to all the folks that have posted to my questions. All are re...

Dart Rules
Seems to me that somewhere in cyberspace I read that the Rules of Darts could be read on this Newsgroup. I haven't seen it posted lately so if anyone has the file could you please upload it...

Hiya all! I just got back into throwing (I must have forgotten how much fun darts were) and have a question regarding flights. The flights that I have on my 20g darts are a...

Somewhat New Guy
Hi to the group. I haven't thrown darts for about 30yrs. (I'm 48) I subscribed to your group recently and bought the following: A Blade 2 Board 10 sets of Graflights (Big...

1985 Embassy Final
Iam just about to what in my opinion the best Embassy Final of all........ Eric V John 1985...

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Stats Program
Hello all, I hope your arrows are flying straight!! I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good program for statistics. I play im a mixed league with ten teams and was going to cr...

Is there anywhere that retractable points are not allowed?
Hi. As I've asked in the post's subject, is there anywhere that retractable points (like Hammerhead darts) are not allowed? Rob (Southern Ontario, Canada).

Taylor Vs Fordham
Is anyone else as excited as me about the big match up in darts?!?! This is the game we have been crying out for since the split of BDO and PDC. I'm wondering if this is going to be a ...

Soft tip and steel tip.
Does this site cover soft tip and well as steel tip darting. Also not related: This is the first time I have been on usenet for a few years. Is there anyway to kill off the spam on thi...

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