Robin Hoods...
Speaking of RH's, I got my first (where the dart actually stuck) the other night...three nights after my daughter got her first RH in Junior Olympic archery! (She got her second one night l...

Your best finish?
K I was just practicing with both of my sets of darts (playing against myself, or with myself, i'll say it before anyone else does hehe). And I knocked off a 104 finish with my heavy darts,...

Another scoring question
This one's about Robin Hoods. What is the official rules about those? We were playing 501, I had 2 in the 20, and my 3rd dart RH's into the first one, but they only gave me a 40. Shouldn't t...

Cricket Scoring Question.
Greetings all, Please forgive if this is a common question and has perhaps been asked on this forum before. Anyways, When playing Cricket, if I have already a number hit tw...

Combat Flights
Since DawgMichelle wanted to know about the V-Wings, I thought I'd post one about the Combat Flights. Personally, I love em. I have them on my 36 gram darts and they're amazing. Not ve...

So close, it hurts
First dart hits the T 20. Second snugs in right next to it for two. Third one hits just on the wrong side of the wire for a T 5. 135 is nice, but it just isn't a 180.

V-Wing Flights...
...has anyone tried them? I have a set now, and I really think they are making a difference in my accuracy. The trouble I'm having is my groupings aren't what they used to be. ...

best way to play?
K so our 8 player leauge is officially scratched. if you wanna know why, i'll start another thread called 'Sore Losers and Complainers' lol So now here's my new question. f...

Wayne Mardle Interviewed!
The first issue of the new FREE Darts e-mail newsletter is just over a week away. Each issue of SUPERSTARS OF DARTS will feature an interview with a top professional. I'm delighted to announ...

Adelaide, Australia: Help with pubs/venues with dart boards
Hi all. I am trying to compile a list of venues with great, good quality boards to play on, and friendly atmospheres located in the city of Adelaide, South Australia (and suburbs)...

recommended online dart stores?
Living in Birmingham Alabama and have not found any good dart places. Please advise. M

Darts DVDs
Can anyone recommend any Darts DVDs - if so, where can you order them from ???

free dartsscore statics
if you play profesional darts or competition and you want to keep up your scores. Then you can get a free tool to make your statics at its in dutch!

3-IN-A-BED Boxed Version
Hi, Just a quick plug. Many of you know of 3-IN-A-BED, the PC darts game and trainer. Previously this was only available as shareware. This message is to announce...

Electric Scoreboards
Is it me or are they on the increase? I used to play in an Essex league that totally forbade the use of electric boards. I have since moved to norfolk and every pub club and barn has a ...

Where to get non-electronic scoreboard
I need to get some more of the old steal scoreboards. Where you manually rotate each digital for hundreds, tens, and singles. Goes up to 999. You all know what I'm talking about. I can't s...

"Barrells Only" from A-Z
Does anyone have experience buying the "barrells only" from A-Z Darts ($15.75 for 90% tungsten) and simply putting your own shafts and flights on? What are the main differences be...

It's a shame that they don't play. I think that Phil would win but we don't know for sure and that's why we play the game. Anything can and does happen. From the outside it sounds like a gre...

How do I edit my email address?
I would like to add something about "no spam" in my email address listed on here...but, I don't see any place to do so.

Total Beginner - Practice
I am a total starter. Just got a board and darts. Set it up and am wondering how I should start practicing, is there anything particular I should do or just start off trying to hit the board...

Diamond wire vs blade boards
Which is best, and why? I'm thinking of buying a dartboard, you see. Richard

PDC vs BD - Why?
Can anyone point me to a webpage that explains why we have two rival organisations, each with their own world champion? Richard

WADA Tuesday Night...
Some of you may have seen my comments in the thread about what makes a good dart bar, where I was venting about the C-League that I shoot in containing players of differing experience and ab...

Small dartboard cabinet..
I picked up a dartboard cabinet at my local Goodwill for $3 today. The doors have "St. George" at the top, a guy holding a sword up to a dragon as the picture, and "Fully licensed" pa...

Bull's-Eye News?
Does anyone subscribe to this magazine? If so, what do you think? Thanks, Michelle

Problem #2
Oh yea, I forgot, I have a second dilema, relates to darts. For about the past year I have gotten into the habbit of hitting my shoulder on the back swing, when I shoot. I tre...

How Do I Do dat Again?
I asked a while back. I don't know if it was in this group, how or who I would contact someone to start a new newsgroup. I got sidetracked and lost the information. Can someone help m...

Same problem again...
So here's the situation, we're playing in our league game, and one team gets down to a finish, they have 16 left, and one player on their team hasn't doubled in yet (we play double in double...

My "Career" Highlights
Okay, maybe I'm a little too addicted to the game. Or maybe addicted is not the word. I do not live, breath, sleep and eat the game, but if I was locked in a room with someone, and the...

anyone want to buy my cool dart case?
Cehck it out. I'm booking a trip to vegas next week, so need all the money i can get.

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