dart tournaments in Ontario
dart tournaments in Ontario are shown here.......... http://prodarts.homestead.com/index.html

where could one get a "sewing pattern" for dart shirt
where could one get a "sewing pattern" for dart shirt

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DIY dart case?
I'm wondering if anyone has plans (or, good ideas) for a do-iy-yourself case? I like Casemaster cases, but I won't spend $30+ for a case I can make for considerably less. The biggest...

Flights & Countries Flags
Ok, I am posting from Europe and have been looking for somewhere that sells flights in the design of a countries national flag? The specific flag in question is the Portuguese Flag?

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1st Annual Bravest & Finest Charity Dart League (New Jersey)
New Jersey's 1st Bravest & Finest Charity Dart League Brother Firefighters & Police Officers, My name is Henry J. Magee. I am a former Police Officer, (Past Presid...

Why have mens and womens darts?
It's strikes me as a sport/game where they could compete on the same level. granted Men's darts is probably higher standard at the moment, but there is no physical reason why they couldn't ...

Flights Question
I've tried to find some explanation on the Web of what the various styles of flights do to or for the flight of the dart -- anybody know if such explanations exist or are the various flights...

Dartboard Followup -- Bought the Bandit
Thanks to allow for the board recommendations. I bought the Bandit yesterday and am really enjoying it! I would add that I've had a half dozen bounce outs in this first evening, all around...

Rusty points...
...I have a couple sets of darts that have a little rust on the points. Can I use a fine sanding paper on these?

New FREE Darts newsletter about Professional Darts players
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Dart stores in SENC
I'm looking for a dart store in southeast NC. Wilmington, NC area or Myrtle Beach, SC area. Any info? Thanks

Dartboard Recommendations
I'm new to darting -- got a Halex soft/steel tip scoring board for Christmas that went haywire scoring 20's for misses and 1's...it's been returned. I'm now in the market for a good bristle...

Sorry just a test - newsgroup server playing up

Electronic scorekeeper
Being mathematically challenged :-), I was wondering if there is some kind of cheap hand held electronic scoreboard device. Preferably one with cricket, killer etc. kind of use. I scoured Go...

Hey I wanna Play Too!
G'day everyone. I need a little help. Everyone I ask about how to go about starting one of these newsgroups, can't tell me anything. Can anyone help me. Tell me who I have to contact and...

He Came From A Slump
After a difficult couple of weeks, stuck in a bad slump, couldn't hit anything, taking 15+ darts a doubles, hitting 26's...couldn't even hit single numbers on the board..getting beat by ever...

the golden harvest...saskatoon
any news on the harvest date change...?

My 3 Dart Average - Is mine good or not?
Been interested in getting into darts for 10 years now but never really had the time or money to get the equipment and I've played her and there but have started practicing for an hour for t...

le scratch...montreal
has anyone heard of a possible date change...?

Where to download an outshot calculator?
Hi. Is there anywhere on the net that I can download an outshot calculator? I've had a look around and cannot find any. Cheers. Craig.

copper and tungsten
I am thinking of having a set of darts I use regularly copyied. Whats the pros and cons of having them made in either copper tungsten or nickel tungsten cheers paul

copper tungsten in the uk
does anyone know of anyone who can make me some copper tungsten darts up in the UK Paul Woolley

Competition draw sheets
Help is at hand! Do you spend hours sorting out all those competition draw sheets? Do you spend hours recording scores and round by round listings? . Would you like a spread...

Kelowna BC Dart Shoot...
if anyone is in Okanagan area come out to the Snowfest Shoot This weekend... poster on my site at : http://www.dartattack.com/dartnights.htm hope some of you can make it... ...

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Nickel City Open
January 23-25th Sudbury, ON Come and test your yourself against some of Northern Ontario's best like Norm Tremblay, Jeff Noble, Kip Halls for more info [email protected]

How Tall Vikings?
Much has been made of Andy Fordham's weight, but he looks quite tall, too. Does anyone know how tall the man is??

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