Lowe just done a 138 finish to save the match...SUPERB

kev-Lowe and Wozza
Wow! 2 sets up, Who knew. I hope my prediction was wrong about the longer format. It sounds like John is up to the challenge. Yahoo! doug in stl

Lowe v Warriner
I know both players are different now, but I will enjoy this one as I did in the 1993 Embassy Final...Come on ol' Stoneface....

Phil Taylor 1-0 up in sets.

soft tip replacements
I have just got a echowell electronic dartboard for xmas, which i am really pleased with, however they do not give you many spare dart tips. i have looked all over the net and can not seem ...

Chris Mason
What ever has happened to Chris Mason? Not at the PDC, not at the Embassy.... Speaking of which, why is the official site for the Embassy down? www.embassydarts.com isn't wo...

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
Dear Everyone For those people who are signed up with servey sites that give you points for completing serveys and you redeam them for cash, LEAVE THEM! I recently regist...

marlboro country....illinois
dart board set - good condition -

PDC World Championships
Yeah, you're right Gazza mate......I'd have beaten Lauby myself.....a 50 average, terrible at the top level of darts, the guy must be gutted.......clarrys is up against it tonight.......Hope...

PDC World Championships
Anyone else been watching the PDC World Championships on Sky Sports? Its the 2nd round today, been some good performances so far....Ricky Buckle, wayne Atwood and Erik Clarrys......A couple...

Newbie ?'s: Doubling in and stance...
Hello all, thanks in advance for answering my (probably stupid) newb questions. I got a steel tip dart set for Christmas, and I've tried to scour some dart rule sites, and have a ...

Affiliates for 3-IN-A-BED
Hi, Some of you may be aware of the computer game 3-IN-A-BED, which is a highly popular darts game and trainer. As it is world champ time, I am offering affiliate status to people...

Pubs with Dart Boards in London
Is there a list somewhere ? We use to use one in the city but it just closed down and we need somewhere to play. Marc

diagonal darts
Hello, I have a question. I learnt a new throwing techique with the right arm and right eye focussing. The next problem is that all my darts are wiggling and enter the board with the fl...

Soft Tip Darts Newbie
Hi, I've played steel tip darts for a long time and just got a self scoring dartboard for Christmas. Didn't realise there was such a thing as soft-tip so accidentally played with ...

Fantasy Arrows: Fantasy World Darts Competition
To all, You may be interested to know that I am running a Fantasy Darts competition based around the Ladbrokes'com World Darts Championship and the Lakeside World Professional Dar...

The Legends of Darts Canadian Tour 2004
the rivalry begins on stage....follow the progress of this legendary darts event...local reporters and media types required at each venue...this is a documented tour...this grassroots event ...

new website
www.prosport2000.com check out this site... the story unfolds.... the tour begins....

Dart Tournaments in Ontario
Hey, If anyone knows of any tournaments let me know!!! [email protected] Check out, http://www.members.shaw.ca/jmelcher/annual_mid_canada_classic.htm http://no...

league problem
K here's the situation, I play in a league on Fridays, there's 8 of us, 2 teams of 4. Problem is, I can't play tonight, so I was trying to come up with solutions as to what the re...

dart shirt, sewing pattern wanted
dart shirt, sewing pattern wanted or if someone could direct me where to buy it

Some questions about darts.
Hello to all. I'm looking for a good set of soft tip darts, between 16 and 18 grams. I like to use slim flights, and don't like thin bodies, because I've fat fingers. I'd like to ...

Why is the news posted gone? post's from less then a week ago can be interesting for others who are new here and know what we are talking about... Dont get it... must be me...

Darts caught in the spider's web ...
Hello all, I just finished setting up my new Arachnid CricketPro 750, threw my first soft tips, went to retrieve them, and, and, and ... damn! they're really hard to pull out! I m...

Bulls Eye Darts -online darts shop
Bulls Eye Darts www.bullseyedarts.co.uk have been trading since April 2003 and so have yet to experience a full years season of trends etc as regards demands for our products! We strive...

Australian Players ??
Are there any Australian players lerking in the group :-)

Re: susan, have a bad dust. You won't expect it
Dear Judges, Lawyers, Policemen, Guards, Counselors, Taxpayers, et. al., We are here. Like it or not, for good or bad, we are here. Who are we? We are the downtrodden and dispossese...

Classic dartists exhibition in Thailand
From the Bernard Trink column in the Bangkok Post: "... World champion darts player John Lowe will host his Golf Classic at the Phuket Country Club on Wednesday, December 3. He'll also be d...

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