Re: lydia, half the population oversees those
Dear Judges, Lawyers, Policemen, Guards, Counselors, Taxpayers, et. al., We are here. Like it or not, for good or bad, we are here. Who are we? We are the downtrodden and dispossese...

Nickel City Open
When: January 23-25th ,2004 Where: Sudbury, ON (Royal Canadian Legion) Events: Singles, Doubles, Mixed Tripples, Teams, Draw see flyer @

Hi Is I am a captain of a Fife darts team, Fife southern rugby club darts team, we are a new team and are currently looking for players in the Dunfermline area. If any one is int...

new photo's

European Community project about tourism and sport
Take a look at this site about an EC project, if you want: Tourism and Sports year-round: a new chance for a better competition and an alternative of Sustainable Tour...

Tomas Seyler
Hi Everyone. Is there anybody, who knows why the best German Player didn't play at the Embassys? He's better than Andrée Welge two years ago (he lost against Eric Clarys in the fir...

Looking for a set of darts!!
I lost a set of darts a couple of years ago and can't seem to find them anywhere. They were a set of golden unicorn keith deller 23gm. If anyone should have a set or know of a set, I would b...

real darts opponent online?
There are a lot of darts software around but none (which are free anyway) that allow you to play real darts on your own board against a remote opponent who is also playing on his own dart b...

Mind control expert 4 Darts get better quicker & win more with consistency
Living in UK ? Mind Control Expert 4 All Sports Professionals call/sms/txt 0798 622 4283 answerphone/fax 0709 212 3548 programmes 4 human bio computer lo...

Dart Shop
X-Mas is Almost here! X-Mas is Almost here! X-Mas is Almost here! X-Mas is Almost here...

Halex Bristle Tech Boards
I am in the market for a soft tip board, and spotted the Halex BristleTech (SoftTech) boards. I thought the concept was cool but I am hesitent to make the purchase. Anyone ever us...

sport in Ronda !

The one that got away
Made an unbelievable shot tonight. Grouped all 3 in the cork, 2 in the red and 1 in the green. The painful part? I was having my pre game warm up at the practice board, and nobody was around...

board rotation
how often should a board be rotated?? ours hadn't been rotated since we bought it 2 years ago, though it wasn't used all that much for most of the time. but i saw that the area around the <...

good boards?
Anyone know where I can get a good board with the 'diamond wire', or the boards with the wire that is in the board itself? I think i'd rather pay the money for a good board than the money f...

practice routines?
Just curious, but what kinds of practice routines do you guys/gals use? I've been reading Crow's dart page a lot lately and have tried quite a few of what he has listed there. The one t...

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hello fellas
Nur eine Frage: sollten wir das Forum nicht wenigstens zum Teil deutsch gestalten? Immer wieder lese ich dieses Forum (seit über einem Jahr). Wenn Dutch Guys und Briten in ihrer Sprache...

O.T. Sport Psychology
Hi, I am Marina Gerin Birsa, an Italian sport psychologist: visit my site . If you know Italian language visit the site , there are...

Darttoernooi organiseren
Darttoernooi organiseren gebruik onze feestzaal 6 dartbanen beschikbaar evt. meer Ook nog op korte termijn te reserveren. Informeer naar de mogelijkheden. Goudsesi...

Darttoernooi organiseren
Darttoernooi organiseren gebruik onze feestzaal 6 dartbanen beschikbaar evt. meer Ook nog op korte termijn te reserveren. Informeer naar de mogelijkheden. Goudsesi...

voks travel door hanger????
Has anybody had any experience with these?

Sportsmanship in Darts?
Is there room for sportsmanship in Darts, or is it really a cutthroat game? I was playing a game of [C] league singles cricket on Tuesday night, and my opponent was already approx 100 ...

Help, E-dart power adapter spec. (old Smartness FH-M 800)
Help ! Just moved to another location and lost the power adapter to my old Smartness e-dart, (model FH-M 800) could anybody help me, I need to know voltage and if positive lead is in cente...

Darts Promoters
Starting in CANADA.....promoters needed for The Legends of Darts Canadian Tour 2004... REQUIRED.. a Venue to hold get the beer and food sales.. A HOST organisation..a dar...

Online Uk darts Shops
Can anyone help in trying to find a good but cheap online shop for flights etc, Regards Rob

correct way to calculate averages
Hi, I've currently started a house league, 8 of us, all family/friends. So it's basically just for fun. But what I'm wondering is the correct way to keep score. Currently we keep track of ...

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