Dart tournament flyer

steel-tipped darts in SE Iowa
Does anyone know of a bar in southeast Iowa that has a board for steel-tipped darts? All I can find is electronic. Booooooooooooo.

'BDO' vs. 'PDC' ....why do players switch from BDO to PDC ??
I'm asking myself, why do BDO players switch to the PDC ? What is the main reason for this ? Is there any posibility that players like Raymond van Barneveld, Mervyn King and...

Dartboard knitting pattern
My wife, bless her heart, would like to knit me a sweater with a dartboard pattern on the back. So far, we hasn't been able to find a pattern, despite a pretty intensive Internet search. A...

Can someone here give me an answer to a problem I am experiencing atm? I used to be a pretty good darts player at one point in time, but now I am unable to aim the darts where I want ...

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Darttoernooi organiseren
Darttoernooi organiseren gebruik onze feestzaal 6 dartbanen beschikbaar evt. meer Ook nog op korte termijn te reserveren. Informeer naar de mogelijkheden. Goudsesi...

3-IN-A-BED World-Wide League
Hi, For those of you interested in playing computer darts on-line, 3-IN-A-BED is excited to announce a new on-line league which will commence in the New Year. Entry is free, and y...

Bob Anderson 18 gm darts wanted

Paddy Power Grand Prix
Did anyone else watch this live final on Sky tonight? I have just watched Phil Taylor and John Part play one of the best finals I have ever seen where Phil beat John 7-2. In the interviews a...

Hanging a dart board
Thanks much for all the great responses to my last post (Bragging rights earned.) Now I have another question. I got a great deal on a practically new board (Used once in the Windy

Bragging rights earned
Had my best match yet tonight. Not only did I win my first game by a shutout (301 singles), I also threw my first ton. I know. Y'all are probably thinking "Big, fat, hairy deal. So wha...

added money tournament in Springfield Illinois
Next month at Starship Billiards. I'll have more info tomorrow but so far I know there is added money, drink specials, and it's Chicago Style blind draw and it's played on the new Galaxy II...

Niagara Galls, Ny Bullshooter Regional
The flyer is up at http://www.bullshooter.com/bstour2004.php Joe from Connecticut

Anyone know the history behind the use of the word 'cork' to mean the bullseye? It's another dart term that I never heard used in the UK. On the same subject, how do people ...

Greetings. New darter here. I've noticed that in scoring, the number 100 is represented as a letter T. What other numbers are replaced by letters or symbols, and why?

All State Open
Well off to another one wish me luck. All State $10,000 jackson michigan. hope to see some of you there. Rodney

Smart Darts
Anyone got a set? Mine will be delivered tomorrow. So says the Korean Customs Office. Stay tuned and I'll give you my $0.02. I have a low 80 PPT / around 27 PPD average. I can not get...

online sport betting
Expekt.com is an international bookmaking group with business and betting licenses in Malta, UK and Austria. The company was founded in 1999 and has the overall goal to be the leading ...

New Sports Site!!
I wanted to take a few moments of your time to check out an exciting and NEW sports website. We are currently focusing on New England Prep Schools but will soon be expanding NATION WIDE. Che...

WTD: Arachnid Galaxy Dart CPU Schematic
Hello all, I just bought a used Galaxy Dart Machine. Unfortunately it's broken. Does anybody have the schematic for the CPU board or knows where to donwload? Thanks in advan...

October 13th 1984
May I be the first to remember that spectacular day Saturday October 13th 1984(BST) AT the Fulcrum centre in Slough.Where Mr John Lowe made Darts history with his magnificent 9 dart finish a...

Facing Dartboard - proper position?
In an effort to improve my game, I was wondering if someone could tell me the proper way to face the dartboard as I throw... Should I always stand in the same spot no matter my target ...

Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED Postal lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while back, <...

Treble.....err triple?
Is there anyone in the US that refers to the inner scoring ring as 'treble', or does everyone say 'triple'? My team mates laugh when I say treble. Neil. (NoVA Brit)

NTG Logoband - schlusselband - lanyard
NTG Logoband - schlusselband - lanyard Logoband - schlusselband - ab 0,65 EUR New Logoband - rieflektierend www.eurofabryka.republika.pl/opaski.htm oder www.eurofabrika.com...

Dart Scores
Hello I am looking for a program so that I could keep track of team scores in Excel .... Thanks

This is a list of flight and shaft weights
I had a bag full of darts accessories, an electronic powder scale, and time to kill, so I weighed everything in the bag. The scale belonged to my sister, so I can't say if the scale wa...

Bob Jones Memorial dart tournament, Belleville
for a flyer see the link below or email [email protected] and I will email you a flyer in your choice of pdf or jpeg http://portabledartboardbracket.homestead.com/Belleville.html ...

regulation dartboard measurements?
Hi, I'm looking for information on the measurements of a regulation dartboard (cicumference of whole board, double zone, triple zone, bullesye, etc.). I'm also looking for regulation height...

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