16 Aug 2003 23:21:27
Tony David wins Pacific

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Tony David Pacific Masters Champion
Tony David defeated Victorian and fellow Australian international =
Steve Duke 6 - 4 to become the Pacific Masters Champion..=20
It was a top match between the 2 big guns with most games under =
the 18 darts.... Carol forward is the new Pacific Masters Champion =
defeating Kerry Jacobs 4 - 1 in the final.. =20

Final Placings Ladies Men's=20
Winner Carol Forwood (NSW) Tony David (Qld)=20
Finalist Kerry Jacobs (NSW) Steve Duke (Vic)=20
Equal 3rd Louise Ball (WA) Graham Hunt (WA)=20
Lee-anne Faulkener (Tas) Brad Austen (WA)=20
Equal 5th Gillian Hackett (WA) Colin Heslewood (WA)=20
Kathleen Logue (Vic) Anthony Fleet (ACT)=20
Dot McLeod (WA) Darryl Curley (WA)=20
Joanne Hadley (Vic) Dave Muller (Qld)=20
9th - 16th Judy Speight (Tas) Sheldon Lewis=20
Valinda Van Der Voet (WA) Colin Edwards (SA)=20
Helen Johnston (Tas) Norm Anderson (WA)=20
Sheryl Beasy (Vic) Paul Ross (NSW)=20
Joyce Mackie (SA) Simon Whitlock (Qld)=20
Pam Burr (Qld) Phil Barrett (SA)=20
Christine Woolley (Tas) Kim Lewis (WA)=20
Tracey James (Vic) Dave Nogar Jnr (Qld)=20

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<TR >
<TD width=3D"50%" >
<P align=3Dcenter ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana>Tony David Pacific =
Champion</FONT ></B></P></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD width=3D326 bgColor=3D#ffffff ><FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 8pt"=20
face=3DVerdana >Tony David defeated Victorian and fellow Australian =

international Steve Duke 6 - 4 to become the Pacific Masters=20
Champion..</FONT ></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD width=3D326 bgColor=3D#ffffff ><FONT style=3D"FONT-SIZE: 8pt" =
face=3DVerdana >It=20
was a top match between the 2 big guns with most games under the =
darts.... Carol forward is the new Pacific Masters Champion =
Kerry Jacobs 4 - 1 in the final.. =
<TABLE style=3D"BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" borderColor=3D#333333 =
cellPadding=3D0 width=3D"100%" border=3D0 >
<TR >
<TD width=3D109 ><STRONG><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Final=20
Placings</FONT ></STRONG></TD>
<TD width=3D211 ><STRONG><FONT face=3DVerdana =
size=3D2 >Ladies</FONT></STRONG></TD>
<TD width=3D168 ><STRONG><FONT face=3DVerdana=20
size=3D2 >Men's</FONT></STRONG></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Winner</FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Carol Forwood (NSW)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Tony David (Qld)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Finalist</FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Kerry Jacobs (NSW)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Steve Duke (Vic)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Equal 3rd</FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Louise Ball (WA)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Graham Hunt (WA)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana=20
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Lee-anne Faulkener =
(Tas)</FONT ></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Brad Austen (WA)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Equal 5th</FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Gillian Hackett (WA)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Colin Heslewood =
(WA)</FONT ></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Kathleen Logue (Vic)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Anthony Fleet =
(ACT)</FONT ></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Dot McLeod (WA)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Darryl Curley =
(WA)</FONT ></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Joanne Hadley (Vic)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Dave Muller (Qld)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>9th - 16th</FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Judy Speight (Tas)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Sheldon Lewis</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Valinda Van Der Voet =
(WA)</FONT ></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Colin Edwards =
(SA)</FONT ></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Helen Johnston (Tas)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Norm Anderson =
(WA)</FONT ></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Sheryl Beasy (Vic)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Paul Ross (NSW)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Joyce Mackie (SA)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Simon Whitlock =
(Qld)</FONT ></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Pam Burr (Qld)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Phil Barrett (SA)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Christine Woolley =
(Tas)</FONT ></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Kim Lewis (WA)</FONT></TD></TR>
<TR >
<TD ><B><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2> </FONT></B></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Tracey James (Vic)</FONT></TD>
<TD ><FONT face=3DVerdana size=3D2>Dave Nogar Jnr=20