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Las Vegas Open Full - Results

Las Vegas Open Full - Results

From: Della Fleetwood <dellafleetwood at yahoo.com >

Subject: Las Vegas Open Results
Dear Friends,
The 29th annual Tom Fleetwood Memorial Las Vegas Open is now history.
For your information, I have attached is a copy of the official
tournament results.

This year's event was a tremendous success, thanks to the generosity
of our Dartboard Sponsors (DMI / Puma Darts Products, Ltd.) and the
wonderful cooperation and hospitality from the Tuscany Suites &
Casino. My sincere appreciation also goes to the ADO, for selecting
this tournament as the site for their annual National Cricket
Championship, and to the players -- from 42 states and 7 nations --
who chose to participate in the tournament.

As always, I am indebted to my Triple Crown Staff members. Their
enthusiasm, support and reliable efficiency makes them the BEST in the
Once again, players opened their hearts and wallets, in support of the
Raffle for the Prevention of Child Abuse. A total of $550 was
collected, all of which will assist in the on-going effort to
strengthen families and insure a brighter future for their children!

The 2008 Las Vegas Open is tentatively scheduled for January 25 - 27,
at the Tuscany Suites & Casino. Further information will be
forthcoming, later this year!!! I hope to see you there!!!!
Best Regards,
Della A. Fleetwood, Owner / Director
10710 Richeon Avenue
Downey, CA 90241-2119
Phone: 1-562-928-4136
Fax: 1-562-927-6558
E-Mail: dellafleetwood at yahoo.com or TCPDarts at aol.com

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