07 Jul 2003 08:11:35
Darts the Game


Excuse me, I've heard of that game.

You are either interested in the game or not.

I've checked out the darts action in the many pubs of St John's,
In Montreal, Quebec, I hung out for a while to catch some
I scouted some more venues in Ottawa, Ontario.
For the past six to eight months or so I've been cruising the darts bars and
the darts scene, in the big smokes of this great land.

I've talked to dart leagues, darts clubs, associations, bar owners, hotels,
airlines, darts shops, distributors, importers, bag-men, beer companies,
clothing manufacturers, just to name a few. I have had contact with the
media in all forms, local regional and national.
I've talked with many darts players, regular average punters like myself,
semi-professionals and the pros.

I have promoted darts exhibitions with the world's top professional
champions, from the Yukon to Newfoundland and all points in between. If you
are interested in the game of darts then you soon discover that the game of
darts is big business here in Canada.

And, the game is getting bigger. The Golden Harvest Cup held each year in
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, for example. The highest payout darts purse in the
world, with this years cash prizes of $ 470,000.00 is the finale of the
season each year here in Canada. This worldwide-televised event keeps
attracting more world-class professional darts players to our fair land each

For example this year 2003 starting mid-April, I toured The Legendary
Gentleman of Darts, 'ol stoneface' himself, Mr. John Lowe, who's exhibitions
and charity events touched the Provinces of Newfoundland, Ontario, Alberta,
Saskatchewan and the Territory of Nunavut.

The 2003 Canadian tour was joined by the current world darts champion, the
first Canadian to attain such stature, 'darth maple' Mr. John Part.

The tour finale in mid-May was in Saskatoon, at the Golden Harvest Cup.
Mr. Part placed second and Mr. Lowe placed third. Both earned a substantial
cash sum. I was happy to back these two high-profile winners, as were the
many sponsors from coast to coast who signed on.

It was a very successful tour.
On little or no investment, all realized a great measurable return.

This brings me to the year 2004. Mr. John Part has venues booked in
St.John's Newfoundland in January and will join the Legends of Darts Tour in
mid-April 2004 in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Saskatoon.

The Legends of Darts Tour 2004,

Mr. John Lowe vs. Mr. Eric Bristow.

Eric Bristow, The Master of Darts, will team up with 8 local players at each
venue. John Lowe, The Gentleman of Darts, will also team up with 8 locals
and The Rivalry Begins. As pairs play against each other.

Expect guest appearances by John Part, Roland Scholten, Bob Anderson, Cliff
Lazarenko, other international professional players, Provincial and
Territory teams, celebrities, and politicians.

Expect a $ 25,000. One-day televised shoot restricted to 32 entrants, in a
major city.

Expect media hype and lots of coverage from coast to coast.

Expect donations to local charities in the name of the game of darts.

Expect the Pro's who join the Legends of Darts tour 2004 to walk away with a
lot of cash at the Golden Harvest Cup 2004 in Saskatoon.

Expect a first class show followed by questions, answers, pictures and

Expect a lot of interest from darts players.

Business Opportunities: 2004

For those interested in participating at any level during the Legends of
Darts tour 2004, including having one or more of the pro's attend your own
private or public function, tournament, bar or show during mid-April to

For national corporations or local business interested gaining exposure by
backing winners, increasing their business and profit margins through the
medium of darts,

For those interested in putting together a winning corporate darts team.

For those interested in 6-9 months of piggyback poster advertising across
the country, a province, a territory, a region or a municipality. This
includes bus stations, train stations, airports, hotels, public licensed
places, bars, taverns, clubs, legions, and associations including the

For those interested in holding a charity shoot to raise donations for local
or national causes.

Venues, dates and professional darts players from every corner of the planet
are available for commercials, promotions, Guinness Book of World Record
attempts and other forms of advertising, promotion and endorsements.

My company Pro-Sport Promotions 2000 will be happy to discuss any business
opportunities in regards to the game of darts, and the exhibition of darts,
using local and professional talent and how it can improve your business.

The tour commences in Newfoundland and heads west. Consider signing on for
the entire tour from coast to coast. Consider the medium of Darts as a new
positive area in which to draw customer attention to your service or
products. Consider signing on for 2005 and beyond.

Darts, the game is hundreds of years old, continually evolving and one day
will take its rightful place in the Olympic games. Darts is a universal
language, a game that has no social, economic or cultural barriers, a temple
of learning for all.

The name is Jonny Ray.

Pro-Sport Promotions 2000
289 Rutherford Road South #8
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 3R9
905 454 5200, cell 905 866 4808

Pro-Sport Promotions has been hosting darts exhibitions since 1986