26 Feb 2004 14:42:45
Cricket Scoring Question.

Greetings all,

Please forgive if this is a common question and has perhaps been asked
on this forum before.

Anyways, When playing Cricket, if I have already a number hit twice
(lets say 18) and then I hit a triple 18. Do I keep the (two) extra

Since I only needed one more hit to close it, do I take the remaining
two hits and add them to my score (+36) or do I have to wait till my
next dart/throw to start accumulating points?

Another exmaple:

Two players: me and my opponent (has has no 20's), I hit a double 20.
Then with my next dart I hit a triple 20, Since I only needed one to
close it, do I basically get to keep my extra two points recieved from
the triple 20?

Since me and my friends are arguing about this, can it be backed up
with some offical rulebook posted on the net somewhere?

Thanks, take care...