26 Oct 2003 17:21:15
rhino pro info please??

can anyone tell me a little about the rhino pro (steel) edition ball,it is a
gray in color? thanks

26 Oct 2003 18:04:55
Re: rhino pro info please??

The Rhino Pro Steel was indeed gray in color with white logos. Serial numbers
should indicate manufacture in the1994-1996 time frame.

Below I've pasted in the reference from Larry Lichstein's ball guide from 1994
for you. As indicated, the Steel was intended to give more length and snap than
the most popular Rhino, and one of the best balls ever, the Teal RP.

On todays conditions the Steel RP would probably be decent on serious toast and
might actually work pretty well on a wall shot if the backends were very clean.
If it's cheap it'd be worth a try, but there are newer balls available that are
very good and which cost in the 70-90 dollar range (undrilled).


From LL's 1994 Ball Guide:

Steel Rhino Pro (3 - indicates an MSRP of $125-160)
Hook 11 (out of 15)
Reactive (77-79 - hardness on the D-Scale)

Oversized core of this new reactive is designed to get the ball farther down
the lane than the Teal Rhino Pro, but with stronger backend reaction than then
Purple Rhino Pro.