ball question??
any opinions or knowledge would be great,thanks,i found a used ball on the racks and used it and it works really good for me so i have a couple of questions about it if anybody knows about t...

Never posted before. Testing.

STORM-PYRO BALL SPEC"S Pin Length-3.5" Starting Top Weight-2.96oz Ball Weight-16lbs COVERSTOCK Reactor Pearl Particle DRILL PATTERN Similar to...

how to say cannot hit any pins
How to say if the player cannot hit any pins? (My Bowling Coach)
Anyone have any experiences with these folks?

best book or DVD
I asked the guy at the bowling alley for a book or DVD to learn how to bowl. He looked at me as if I were crazy and said "Just roll the ball down the lane" he added "the oil in the middle is...

mr. inconsistent
today's scores : 116, 211, 168, 122, 171. I have been bowling for six months and I have not found any consistency in my game yet. these scores are common for me.

73rd Annual Florida State Championships-Doubles/Singles Event
Well heres the Day 2 report. "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" 73rd Annual Florida State Championships-Doubles/Singles Event AMF Galaxy East has 40 lanes, they are synthetics with...

73rd Annual Florida State Championships-Team Event
Well heres the first day report. 73rd Annual Florida State Championships-Team Event AMF Galaxy West has 32 lanes, they are synthetics with wood approaches. AMF ball returns ...

best TV channel change of the weekend
I flipped the TV on Sunday and started to watch NASCAR. The announcer said, As the shadows git longer, they'er goin to have to put more air in their tars. I was like, why the F am I watching...

comparison please??
i have been using an ebonite illusion with great success over the past few years and average around 200+,problem is after several seasons the ball has been resurfaced a few times,has quite ...

The website provides a ton of information about bowling. In addition, you will find extensive information on leading bowling to help you on your way to success.

Cheapest bowling in New York City?
Hi, Where can I find the cheapest bowling in New York City? Per game and lane rentals (if bowling lanes still do those). Preferably in or close to Manhattan, where I live, but I'm...

Do you live in Southern California?
For those that live in Southern California Check out what's coming up and the results of events. Also, great links to USBC Open, PBA, Ball Reviews, Tournament Clubs, T...

Questions (lots) from a newbie...
I just started bowling last year and have maybe 10-12 outings total. Each outing I bowl about 4-6 strings. I am a straight-as-can-be bowler...I like bowling straight and seem to be doing...

Old plastic balls vs new ones (any major difference in core?)
I have an old green Brunswick Tommy Hudson from early 80's and a Brunswick Black Diamond from late 70's. They're seldom used, relegated mainly for times when the lanes are extremely dry (whi...

Re: I suck at bowling
On Apr 7, 5:00 pm, [email protected] (Shawn Robertson) wrote: > I play golf and I used to play tennis and I am fairily competitive at > both, but I find bowling to be much harder than tho...

Wow!I found a new super cool online shop!!!
Selling fashion jeans,tshirts,belts,glasses,sport shoes,watches,handbags,wallets Email and Msn: [email protected] sho...

Black Widow
Out new bowling center (September 2006) has very oily lanes. I have a Command Zone Arc and am thinking about getting a Black Widow. Does anyone have any thoughts about this choice?

I suck at bowling
I play golf and I used to play tennis and I am fairily competitive at both, but I find bowling to be much harder than those other sports. I am just no good at it. I guess the only way I am g...

Looking for TRACK Crunch Time Ball
Looking for a TRACK Crunch Time 16lb Bowling Ball. Pin 2"-3" 3 oz Top Weight If not exact as above, close will do Preferably new If used, it should be in go...

Clean night
Had my 3rd clean night of the year - 266,238,239=743. 6 for 6 on 10 pin spares after reading a Ritger article and moving my target closer to the foul line... Nice feeling. <...

Newbie looking for ball purchasing advice...anyone?
Hi there folks. I am relatively new to bowling but I am really getting into it and have decided I really need to purchase my own ball. I do not know much about bowling balls except that the...

new ball
I was thinking about buying a new ball. my current ball is a morich seek & destroy and it is had to many games bowled on it and does not hook any more. it is a poris type of cover stock that...

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