300 last night
Started slow (chopped the 2-5 in the 1st frame), timing a little off and didn't throw a strike until the 6th frame. Got lined up, finished with the last 4 for 201, followed it with 226, t...

whats best for getting oil out??
okay so everybodys got thier favorite solution for keeping oil off the ball.(windex,409.rubbbing alcohlol,etc,etc,)i personally have been using a mix of rubbing alcohol and a product from st...

Left Hand Play - Scorpion
I am looking for a little help from our PBA experienced Left-Handers'. Next week we go to the Scorpion shot, and was wanting a little help in the "how to play" and equipment choices. ...

FS: 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set
1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set I have for sale the 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" Premier Edition 100-Card (Factory-Sealed) Set with Original Box. The set includ...

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better or best balls??
i know there are a hundred different variations on why or what makes a ball good,such as the bowler,lanes style etc..,but just in general as to your opinions on people tested certain balls i...

oval thumb - drillers only
Guys, There are a number of ways to drill oval thumb holes. Most often, you end up changing the two press wheels equal amounts to get the usual 45 degree orientation of the oval. If...

michelle feldman bowled in utica ny
it was the coors light challenge at utica pin-o-rama she qualified 2nd out of like 300 bowlers, she ended up finishing third, then when the final 2 bowlers was getting ready for the finals ...

finally !
I started bowling in november after a 18 year hiatus, and just bowled my first clean game (no open frames) since starting up again. I bowled a 207. I cleaned my ball with track ball maintena...

New Sports Equipment Website
All your equipment needs - all sports http://www.bestusedsports.com Thanks

Guide to Bowling Weber vintage New York FA
The Champions Guide to Bowling by Dick Weber 1964 new York vgc ,125 pages. Lovely period bowling manual from the US ,packed with cheesy pics,diagrams etc .Superb book for the bowler/col...

ball weight
I use a 15 lb reactive ball. I was thinking of changing to a 14 lb ball for more control and less ware and tare on my bad shoulder (tendinitis) what do you think?

I'm Back!
Okay Folks!!! I am back after being away for the last 4 months due to ISP problems. I noticed that nobody missed me, and this NG has picked up quite a bit since I was ...

looking for training ball
am trying to find a full size lite weight ball that i can drill up and practice my hand releases at home. saw a pic of parker bohn with a striped ball that looks like it would give instant ...

≥Sport Balls≤ Program to Air on The History Channel
EBONITE AND HAMMER BALLS PROFILED ON MODERN MARVELS ≥Sport Balls≤ Program to Air on The History Channel in January HOPKINSVILLE, Kent. ≠ With more than 100 years of busines...

Re: spare question
> for those of you who have a hook, do you throw a straight ball for > spares or do you still use the hook ? Depends on the spare. I'm a right-winger, so I use a plast...

Re: getting oil out question??
> any kind of fine sand like cat litter will do. I will get you the brand > name i use and email it later today. I see, you use the "clumping" type. Makes sense as that stuff i...

spare question
for those of you who have a hook, do you throw a straight ball for spares or do you still use the hook ?

Test - sorry fellas :(
Connection playing up.

Lane#1 Apparel
Check the Lane#1 Apparel on eBay - http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZm_and_aQQhtZ-1QQfrppZ50QQfsopZ1QQfsooZ1QQrdZ0? You can also visit www.bowlingballexchange.com The site is very well...

I don't seem to be getting new posting from this newsgroup so this is a test to see if it appears.

getting oil out question??
i have a question on the amount of time you would spend washing the ball? the ally i bowl at had spent quite a few months having the lanes soaked"flooded" and the shell on my ball is quite l...

Happy new year !!!
I wish every one a good an healthy new year with many strikes and convernted spares.... from France. Philippe

Equipment register
Hi Some time ago I blundered across a website where you could enter the detials of all the balls you owned, and share your entries so as others could see what you had. Odd, but ...

Happy New Year!
I want to wish everyone here: regulars, part-times, and lurkers, a good 2007. May all your league averages increase before the end of the 2006-2007 Season!

Ball serial numbers
Hi Can anyone direct me to a site where one can "register" their ownership of bowling balls by inputting make, model serial number etc? I entered all mine onto a site sever...

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