Dialogue about Jesus Christ
Jesus defeated death not for him but for all of us. In order to open to all us the door towards a happy eternity. He defeated death to let us win that "useless passion" that is the short lif...

Where can I find a listing of Pro Shop opportunies?
I am looking for a source that would have a listing of Pro Shop's available for leasing or Pro Shops that are looking for help. Anyone know of such a source? I would like to...

USBC Women's Bowling TV event
Lets hope this is a prelude to getting their tour back together. http://www.bowl.com/articleView.aspx?i=11909&f=1 --Mark

Head Ball with a BowlingBall........................to funny
This guy is in serious trouble. He sees a soccer-ball flying through the air and attempts to hit it with his head. The only problem, it's not a soccer-ball, it's a a bowling ball. Very funny...

Cleaning SST soles and heels?
Alright, i went bowling today with my new pair of SST 6's and the m sole and red leather Heel got dirty abecause the approaches wer pretty nasty i guess. and im wondering how should i clean ...

Scratch Summer Tournaments IN lakewood, NJ!!!
SCRATC SUMMER STANDOFF 200 [size=12:30cbaa1511][/size:30cbaa1511][color=black:30cbaa1511][/color:30cbaa1511 Brunswick Lakewood Lane 101 Locust St Lakewood, NJ 0870 ...

USBC Rings
The USBC have no idea what they are doing, They messed up my ring order so I called and corrected the mistake and the ring came with the wrong date, wrong size and It's not even the right ring, they ...

There is a certain "bullshit" factor to the supposed challenge of sport bowling leagues
The third week into our sport bowling league and there is a peculiar fact that is surfacing. Some mediocre players on the typical house conditions are actually bowling better than people tha...

need suggestion on ball selection
gonna see if my knee will hold up long term, looking at a mini-arsenal of black widow, fired up, and blue dot. i used finesse-it back in the day to polish my teal rhino and green quantum, w...

Bowling News on The Front page of The NY Times
I was surprised to see an article about bowling on the front page of the NY Times. It was about Kelly Kulick, a NJ woman who made the PBA tour for the 2006 - 2007 season. She qualified 4t...

USBC Rings
How many of you think they are ugly? My 300 ring is soo big that I feel like anytime the light shines on it that is sends the batman signal in the sky.

Has anyone out there had elbow surgery?
I've has mild to moderate bowler's elbow (why call it *tennis elbow?) for years now. Since March of 2005, I've had cortisone shots twice -- and relief for only 3 1/2 months each time. Figured I'd ge...

linds or dexter sliding shoes??????
i have been using dexter sst 5"s for awhile now and am using the most sliding sole that is offered.i think it's an "8",and the heel is the one that is red in color,before winter season start...

PBA on ESPN Classic
Anyone watch the show today? It's one I've seen before when Jim Stefanitch bowled a 300. He has a strange nervous twitch where he keeps pulling his shirt up and stuffing it into his ri...

need help on ball terminology
1. due to medical i have been away from bowling for approx 10 yrs, last carried a 197 ave, first out of an extensive arsenal were a teal rhino, green quantum, and a blue dot for my fav pin ...

A League of Ordinary Gentlemen
I just watched this and thought it was an excellent portrayal of our beloved sport. I think Steve Miller was a good addition to the PBA. The only thing I didn't agree with him on, was when...

Time for new shoes, where to order and what model?
Alright, ive outgrown my Dexter Kurts and im starting to bowl in tournaments regularly again, or as many youth tournaments i can find, and ive decided its time to move up to a pair of Dexter...

Dexter SST-7 Push Off Heel Replacement
I have a bum left leg (left handed) and I wear down the push-off heels quickly. I called Dexter and they said they do not manufacture replacement parts (only the slide sole and heels). O...

People need to pick one thread to talk about how they dont like the extreme amount of bowling balls on the market. It is an understandable topic, but just keep it minimized. Also, has anyone...

New Ball need suggestions / help
alright, well currently im throwing a track Crash and its made fo light oil, if any oil. and im starting a youth scratch league soo where they actually oil the lanes, well im looking for a n...

Reactive balls changed the world.... :-(
Oh my god....they created an illusion!!! Bowling today is not real, that's my opinion.... Everybody is allowed to do 250 of average, if the lane conditions lets do it....

Technical question.
Hello everyone! Should be possible to decrease the flare amount of a ball just using an extra hole? I'm a good bowler and also a driller, and a guy asked me if is poss...

One World, One Game... one Ball?
Has anyone read this article in the lastest issue of Bowlers Journal International for June 2006? In this article, John Davis talks about the idea of having a regulation bowling...

Ball Refresher
I have 4 "antique" balls that I need my memory refreshed on as to what oil patters they are best on. The balls I have are the AMF Cobra, AMF Blue Angle, Columbia Black U-Dot, and ...

Bowling Forums
Have any of you visited BBE the bowling fourms? www.bowlingballexchange.com it is agreat site and addicting..

Gilmac Drill Bits
I am in need of a Gilmac 31/32 drill bit does anyone have one or know where to get one?

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