Thoughts on possible dispute
Center offered two leagues on our night.... turnout was low, so the leagues voted to merge. However, the start dates for these leagues were a week apart. Our team happens ...

Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week........................
Our politicians loved talking about it this week, but they won't do anything about it. Get the details from The Expert: <...

Pro Pin?...what is it really?
Has anyone in the group used one of those so-called "pro pin" bowling balls? I have seen people using bowling balls with what appear to have pin to center of gravity (CG) distances of over...

Hi When getting a new bll drilled, or an old one plugged and redrilled for that matter, do you go in with any preconceived ideas as to where the holes should be drilled or do you ...

V2 Strong/R v Xcel Particle
Hi Has anyone here got these, and if so, how do they compare? Thanks

Okay, skip the last post
Paige has lost weight too...guessing it's intentional.

Speaking of Walter Ray...
has he been sick or is the weight loss intentional? I thought he looked good at first then after watching him some he seemed way to thin, imho. *Bragging* I shot 624 tonight! <...

Att Jock
Jock Thanks for you input, I recall some years back bowling in such a league with playoff weeks, either at the end of the season, or mid way through, I don't recall, but the meth...

Are Tv Ratings Slipping Re: pba bowling
Chris is gone randy is still announcing now this cockamamie malarky about you bowl him they bowl him you bowl each other instead of the step ladder format. The days of Eugene McCune and my... Whatever happened to the newgroup?
I used to read all about bowling on a lot of it had to do with pba bowling and bowling on tour. What happened? I don't even see many posts on this newsgroup. Is it all ov...

Gyro particle urethane
I am using a gyro particle urethane 15lb ball that I purchased on the recommendation of our bowling house proprietor. I discovered that it was out of production and I could not find any info...

Att: PromptJock
Jock Thanks for giving me good advise inthe past, I am currently developing my own League managemant system, which is 80% complete, is there any 'would be nice if it could do thi...

Ball cleaners etc
Hi What kind of tests to the product are involved before a cleaner/polish is added to the "permitted substances" list? Thanks.

Should I Be Miffed?
A regional USBC officer I know asked me to bowl in a city tournament in April and I agreed. Last night at league, he tells me he could only get me in to the team event. I've got to drive...

Scoring sheet positions
During our position round last week in our league the team we bowled swapped bowling positions from what was listed on our scoring sheet is this legal?

FS and FA : 1957 Bally ABC Tournament Big Ball Bowler with a vintage cute girl in a mini skirt on the back glass, 130 hour restoration project
For Sale Rochester, NY : 1957 Bally ABC Tournament 13 foot Ball Bowling arcade machine. This arcade machine has just gone through a 130 hour restoration and is ready for your game room. This...

rules question regarding absentee and substitute
This is going to be a little long: On my Thursday league (5 man teams - mens league), we have two teams with the same sponsor. Let's call them S1 and S2. S2 has won a quarter and S1 ...

iii/xx Puns
Present: A webs. Before: Against returney. Resus: Spinning birds.

Sorry guys. The spam stuff was not my intent. I do oppoligies and won't happen again. I have never been on newsgroups before and not sure how to work them. I hope you guys can forgive a b...

Man I have found this site that has the cheapest ink for any printer. You can compare prices and then review the companies on service and quality. <> Let me kn...

just used ebonite hook again
So after struggling all year I tried this ebonite hook again. I had a 188 average going into today. 1st game- 226, 2nd game-278 and 3rd game-243=747 series. My ball reacted just like new....

ebonite hook again
So after struggling all year I tried this ebonite hook again. I had a 188 average going into today. 1st game- 226, 2nd game-278 and 3rd game-243=747 series. My ball reacted just like ne...

Amazing week
I did something I never imagined . A little background first. I roll 3 nights a week in 3 different places. On mondays the place is a dry condition synthetics. Wednesday it is medium, wo...

Ball Spinner
Anyone know where to get a used ball spinner or plans to build my own spinner?

RG explanation
Y'know, I understood this at one time(the advantages or low RG and high RG). But I've been out of the sport for so long that I've forgotten it. My recollection is that low RG revs faster, ...

Are these things legal?

1st time
OK. So I shipped some junk to Corpus Christi in anticipation of the TI get together. As I am a bit of a bowling ball hog, this still left me stuff here so I went out to toss a few practice l...

I am back into the sport
Tonight, considering having been out the of the sport for 5yrs., was a fantastic night!!! I had a 175, 98, 139. A couple weeks ago I bought a http://columbia300....

Hot Rod Hybrid
I have been throwing a Hot Rod Hybrid for just over a year now. My question is to any one who has this ball, have you had a problem with the ball "dying". I have spoked to 2 other people w...

Growing Thumb
No, I'm not growing a new one, I'm referring to the callus that has been slowly increasing the size of my bowling thumb the last 6 months or so. At first it wasn't a problem, since it was s...

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