I choked.....
Tonight at a house I am struggling to maintain a 190+ avg at, I rolled a 279, 236, 278 for an *ack* 793. The last game I had the first 10 then on a very tight shot that did hit the pocket bu...

Suggestions for Making Corner Pins
Hey folks, I've been bowling now for about three years (second year in a league). Average so far is 143. :( For the most part, I can deal with the single pin conversions as long as it...

Opinions for next season?
Alright, im a junior bowler and i bowl in a YABA saturday morning league, my team has won our division the last 2 years, but were in 6/8 this season, we did pick up 2 new guys as our other 2...

How throw a curve on a bowling ball
Ever wonder how to curve, hook, glide or even walk a bowling ball into the pocket of pins? Well that is what I am going to explain here. Bowling for me was my life and is something tha...

Handicap and Absent Bowler Rules
Can anyone point me in the direction of established Blind (absent) and Handicap Rules ? Many Thanks Colin --------------= Posted using GrabIt =----------------...

bowling ball cleaner
I have noticed that alot of people always ask similar questions about good methods for cleaning their bowling balls. I have been bowling for about 17 years now and have found that water is ...

AMF Retro Red/White Bowling Shirt.
I've seen this shirt in the AMF Bowling Centers instructional video and I've seen people sell the shirt on Ebay (someone always out bids me at the last minute). However, does anyone know w...

Ball Cleaner and REV tape
I was wondering want you guys think the best ball cleaner is for classic zone , strike Zone and an HPD zone and will rev tape on th index finger give me more rev

Visionary Slate Blue Gargoyle
Just learned my local pro shops are not getting Visionary stock. Could there be a problem with their stuff? I need a decent urethane ball to cover some of the lighter oil conditions at my ...

Columbia300 'U-Turn'
Does anyone have any opinions about this ball? Christopher

History of Bowling
Where can I get a good source for Medieval Bowling? I am part of an organization that is holding a Tavern event. I would like to have some sort of bowling sport taking place.

VanTech scoring system Com Score questions
OK - short background. 24 lane house. Vantech (Vantage Bowling Corp) scoring equipment and software. 5 year old installation on the scoring equipment and software but the software was upd...

U.S. Open Lane Pattern - Reality Check.
Tonight when I bowled in my handicap mixed league the house laneman accidentially put down the U.S. Open Lane Pattern, from last weeks US Open in NJ, on one side of the house. They have 2...

Possible knee muscle injury
I say 'possible' because, I need to hear from others that have had knee injuries. On February 12th, I bowled 83 frames. That particular night was $7.25/4hrs. so, I took full ad...

US Open
One of the biggest tourney's of the year - Tommy Jones wins - and not one post about it! Some of the best around had trouble staying above 200. A couple of local amateurs (Ken Muscat...

Replacement for Wicked FlipSide
I used a Wicked Flipside(enhanced Superflex coverstock) 15# ball last year and it was my best ball having shot 289 and 758 series with it and over 200 avg. Not too bad for a 75 year old st...

large/small face watch?
The new form for honor scores has a small and large face watch. Does anyone know which is better; what the difference is? wes

Recovery from Injury
Last year i suffered an injury at work to my right hand (yes my bowling hand) which resulted in two knuckles being broken. As you can imagine, i could barely think about lifting a ball...

Ball search by make
Is it possible to do a search by make i.e. plastic, poly-urethane, urethane, reactive poly-urethane, etc.? Christopher

900 Series Shot Last Night
A 24 year old man shot the 8th sanctioned 900 series last night in Fairfield, Ohio (a northern suburb of Cincinnati). Here is a link to the article: http://news.cincy...

Candlepin rolls on in New England
from the February 13, 2006 edition 24/7: You can roll day and night year-round at Boston Bowl (left). Paul Spadaccini, right, compares the smaller candlepin ball with the larger ...

PBA schedule: why opposite the superbowl
I was curious if anyone knows why ESPN/thePBA scheduled the time for last week's match to overlap the Super Bowl? I mean, if they're *TRYING* to make sure that the non-bowling-fanatics don'...

Online bowling shops
I'm looking for bowling shops online. Can you suggest any? I'm looking for cheap stuff :) Thanks Michele

Top weight and pin position
Can someone explain what effect these have on ball reaction and when to look for a specific measurement? Thanks Rob

Ball sanded recently; counts as cleaning?
A couple months ago I had my Storm XXX Extreme sanded (no... i don;t remember to what grit...800 maybe?), and it still seems to have lost its ability to hook or curve. Ball never had a snap ...

Vintage redline/circle line ball wanted
Looking for a vintage bowling ball. It was black rubber, with a red line around it. Late 60's early 70's era, for display only. Thanks for looking, Steve...

Westhampton Bowl RIP
Yep, another bowling center has succumbed to yet another CVS pharmacy....

Instructional books/DVDs on bowling?
Are there any good instructional DVDs and books on bowling? Thanks.

Burn mark on finger tips
I have a full finger tip, and the finger grips are comfortable during games 1 & 2 by the third game, (I'm rt handed) my ring finger swells. This has been an ongoing problem. I have developed...

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