Bowling Magazines
Which bowling magazine is worth subscribing to? Thanks again...

Phoenix machine question
Does anybody know about the patterns programmed in the to when you first plug it in if it remembers the last pattern used or not? or if you have to punch it in again after t...

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Pro shop in Aurora, CO area?
Anyone have any suggestions for a reputable pro shop in the Aurora, CO area? I've been to Monaco lanes a few times in the last two weeks, but their scoring equipment and service makes...

Help with knee pain
Hello, I'm having lots of knee pain when bowling and I was hoping I could get some advice on how to correct it. I'm not really sure what I'm doing that's causing it, but I ...

NYC Pro Shops?
Does anyone know of any good pro shops in either Manhattan or Brooklyn? Going from the advice on my first post, I'll try to find pro shop to get my equipment from. Thanks.

New to Bowling: Ball Purchase
I'm new to bowling and would like to purchase a bowling ball. I've decided on Brunswick as the manufacturer. I used a 12oz ball that felt light. Would a 15oz. be a good weight to start with?...

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Advice for a new ball?
Hello, I am thinking of getting a new ball since mine is 70s era hand me down from my dad. It is a 16# Columbia yellow dot and it is torn up pretty bad. I will probably keep it fo...

Bowling movie
what ever happened to the bowling movie "A League of Ordinary Gentlemen" It was supposed to have come to San Jose California. I can find no sign of it playing ANYWHERE!!

score keeping software
Does anyone know a free computer software for keeping my scores and statistics? or a cheap one. running on PC or a Palm device.

All my reactive stuff seems to be TOO reactive for our houses lane conditions. After talking to a few of the local bowlers who seem to be scoring pretty well, I have come to the conclusion...

free driling software
Greetings, If you go to you can download "BallDrll". BD is a free windows program that graphically lets you design drilling specs which can th...

lane conditioning machine wanted
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Old bowling bag #2
I gave it to the 10-Pin alley, across the street from my apartment. I did clean it, because, while my bowling equipemnt had been in a storage locker, mice managed to get into the locker(s...

Ryan Press with Roto Grip
I was checking the ball company websites and when I got to the Roto Grip site there was Ryan, an ASB poster, doing his thing as a Roto Grip International Staffer. Good luck in the future....

Old bowling bag
Can anyone recommend an idea of what to do with an old bowling bag. Christopher

newbie please help
the ball spinning in kingpin is far from possible........ive never tried it nor seen anyone attempt it. i believe that was just a trick for the movie.

PBA Tour Pattern League...beating #2
That's beating as in "we was whupped." If you saw the show Sunday, Duke was having trouble getting the ball to finish while playing straight down 10. Then he made a 20-board adjustmen...

I was wondering this week if the PBA's "retro" format would extend to using the two-frame rolloff in the event of a tie. Obviously not.

Newbie please help!
Hi ,have just gotten into bowling- i watched a film called Kingpin and at the begining of the film Munson bowls the ball and makes it spin half way down the lane - then it gets a strike- is ...

RIP: Showboat -- "OK, so I stacked a few decks, but I never tried to give myself an advantage" - Pete Rose

Legal Shot?
I was told, but I haven't been able to confirm this, that putting in a reverse block shot was illegal. The old ABC used to put a reverse block in all the time for their state and city tour...

Need Opinions about choosing a Free Bowling Ball...
We just won our division which gives each of us a choice of a fre bowling ball. We don't have details yet, but let's assume that w have a cost cap of $150.. We bowl relatively dry...

Great Night!
My average is a 166 and I bowled a 245 game last night!!! My previous high was a 214. We also needed to nearly sweep the points to win our "division" and we pulled it off! ...

Bowling Ball survives crash landing; damage to core?
3 or 4 weeks ago, I didn't like the sensation in my thumb that the ball was sliding or shifting position slightly, so I used some bowler's grip I have done before with decent succ...

Removal of Team Member
Has anyone had the unfortunate decision of requesting another team members' removal from the roster? I am in a situation where another member is disruptive to the team, i.e. temper tantru...

New League
All this bitchin' about lane conditions, and last week our local hotshot/proshop owner puts together a league that will bowl on PBA conditions. That is, whatever condition is being used on...

Rules from the pit
Saw this last night... Guy bowling against me leaves a 3-pin. On his second ball, he fires his spare ball straight at the pin, and misses. The ball hits a pin that has been layi...

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