Ball labels
Is it a problem if the ball rolls on the labels of the ball? I just drilled my new ball and there is a label near the thumb (on the left). Michele

Bowling in a crazy-8s tourney.....
....where you bowl across 20 or so lanes and have to score 8 or better to keep going, I left the 4-5-10 on a light hit to get knocked out. I can't remember ever leaving this. So bad it w...

Just a friendly reminder to check the racks at your local bowling center...
...cause you never know what you might find. I was in the middle of our second game in league last night and I just went over to the rack for no particular reason and there it was...A Columb...

Anyone still here?
Just wondering if any of the "old-timers" still frequent this newsgroup. It's been a while, but I think I might have a bit more free time to get more involved here, once again. ...

Wahey :)
Hi. A quick tale - I won first place and $200 in Star of the Year at my local alley yesterday :) Not bad for a 12 month newbie. Quite fortunate timing really. I'd recently b...

Hook again treatment
Hi, I live in the UK and I finally bought a Hook Again treatment chamber etc. just to try it out (cost 32, $50 ish?). My BVP Nemesis was decidedly lack-lustre but the treatment has...

Weight and drilling
I received as gift a brunswick bvp rampage, this is my first reactive ball. I already own a columbia 300 white dot (plastic). The rampage is the same weight of the white dot (15 lbs.) is i...

Black bowlers tape
By chance did anybody find a website where they have the old black AMF bowlers tape & not the new version that most people hate?

Ball cores
Hi What are weight blocks made of? TIA.

Perfect secretary programm
Some one can tell me where i can download this program free Thank you Pierre

just testing to see if this works

Need Advice on Spare Shooting
Greetings, I've been bowling for about 2.5 years now and have gotten a wrist positioner (Robby Revs right handed) a few months back. My average in the league so far is 137 which I'm hoping...

New bowling ball releases (Eye Ball/8 Ball/Money Ball) is creating new viz-a-balls that will appeal to many bowlers. Eye Ball - was a very popular ball many years ago. 8 Ball - used to be available only in 8 pounds...

Shoe Help
My wife is looking for a new pair of bowling shoes. She likes the Linds Exxxtra Pink/Black but doesn't like the price. She's looking at the Circle Rio Pink/Black and asked me about the qua...

This may sound silly, but.....
(we don't bowl for another two weeks due to Thanksgiving & I don't have the contact info in front of me, so I'll ask here) ... do we have specifically request a special achi...

I find it interesting that the masters has run for 3 days and not one peep on this group. FYI - Walter Ray averaged 243 yesterday and ended up in the losers bracket! ...

Ebonite Show Time
Hey all. From reading the Ebonite ball catalogue it appears that the only difference between a Show Time sanded and a Show Time Pearl is that one is polished whist the other is sa...

Cracked Core
My wife throws a Storm Duce it is a 12 lb ball and she doesn't throw it hard. She has never left it out in the cold and the ball has not got hot. :? What would cause this ball t...

Is this the same Alt Sport Bowling from years ago?
I remember this news group from like 1994-1995...damn wow time has flown by. Is this the news group with "NimBill"? Some things never change I guess! KWags

Mathematical explanation for bowling found !
I have just discovered a fractal formula based on quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity to describe bowling 100%. That means I CANNOT lose. I'm the ultimate master of bowling. ...

Professional Conduct Question
Is it just me or does anyone else think that the stunt Mike Machuga pulled after winning the Greater Omaha Classic was behavior that tends to give the sport of bowling a bad name. He did a b...

Bowling Humor
It isn't often we see humorous bowling articles which gently (well, sort of) poke fun at our foibles and those of bowlers we know. A few years ago I did a series of articles which app...

How many times a week do you sub, subbing etiquette, and how much is too much?
Hey all, I finally got to a point this year where I am comfortable enough in my ability to sub for people on a regular basis. I'm also lucky enough to live in an area where the bo...

Weber Cup
Its nice to see the Weber is doing well LIVE on Sky sports for the first time... The few issues I have with it is the stupid commentators making basic pin calling mistakes when telling the...

Hi Is there such a thing as semi-fingertip? I can't seem to get to grips with my fingertip ball at all :(

Bowler's Tape slipping
Has anyone else noticed recently (last month or so) their bowler's tape doesn't stay in place and starts travelling toward the edge of the thumbhole? Its mostly the black tape, bu...

Center closing because of inability to certify lanes
Anyone else encounter something like this?

B-Mechanic Wanted
Brunswick B-Mechanic wanted for part-time work at Southern Los Angeles County. Interested parties call (310) 562-2363.

Beginner Question
I am a left handed bowler. I am consistently missing the 7 pin (solid) when I hit the pocket solidly (In my opinion anyway). I'm not sure which way I should be moving myself in order to ...

Probably a no brainer, but...
Monday night in league, a bowler delivered his 2nd shot with dead wood on the lane. I do not know if he was aware of the dead wood or not, but it should have been obvious. Regardless...he ...

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