Bowling Ball Drilling machine???
Some friends and I have been trying to figure out what this machine is. It has a surface similar to ball measuring machines at Nationals. So our guess is: A 19th century bowling ball drill...

Britney Spears Picture QUIZ
Nude Britney Spears Quiz! Try this one. It has nice pictures!

New ball q
Hi. Me again. Drilling pattern leaflets - do all new balls come with a guide to drilling instructions included, and are the instructions different from one ball to another due to ...

Great Bowling!
I bowled great today in my saturday morning YABA league, I started out with a 226, then i come back with a 203, and the last game I throw the first 9 in a row, then unfortunately i leave an ...

OT? - Ten Pin Alley by ASC Games
Hi All... I thought I'd ask this question here... In case one of you could help me... I have installed this PC Game called Ten Pin Alley... I used to have it on my Windows...

good urethane ball
I've been out of bowling for about 8 years and after watching classic bowling on TV I'm getting the urge to bowl again. I got rid of all my equipment and want to buy a good urethane ball. ...

adjustable thumb inserts
hello all, long time no post. today on the way home i was talking to my dad and bowling came up. he ask if i have seen adjustable thumb inserts. he said someone on his league had them but ...

re:Bowled first 300 ever
Congratulations, Im still waiting for mine, but im only 14 so i got some time to wait, although ive managed to get a 278, i cant wait to get my first 300 either. well once again, Congratulat...

Bowled first 300 ever
I just bowled my first 300 game. I have had a 299 and 298 but it felt great to get that monkey off my back after being so close two times before. I actually thought I would never get one but...

new shoes?
I am a 14 year old bowler i have been bowling for 4 years and i care alot about performance, i want to get these shoes but my parents think its <...

UK Online Proshop Plug
Well I thought I'd do a little Pro-Shop plug for any new members to the NG from the UK. Lots of stuff has been added recently - we can order in just about...

[help] throwing across the lane
So recently I've been teaching myself to hook bowl, and I was just wondering about aiming the ball across the lane. All Im wondering is, should I approach the lane straight (ie 90 deg...

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Mark Roth
While watching the classic bowling marathon on ESPN Classic today, I wondered about Mark Roth, who I hadn't seen bowl on TV in a long time. Is he still bowling and has his style remained a...

Extreme Bowling

old pba
For those with a desire to review some old PBA broadcasts, check out ESPN Classics today (Sunday 10/23). They are running a marathon of shows from noon to 8pm Eastern time. Crank ...

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I recently injured my eye sunday oct 16 (corneal ulceration) and was told by my opthamologist to go on light-duty at work and to give up bowling while my eye healed. He said it could be ...

complete pro shop for-sale
I am going to sell out my complete pro shop equipment and inventory.I did not want to seperate any drilling equipment but i have no other choice.I am willing to seperate. I have over ...

3-day Bowling Clinic - Portland Oregon - Ron Clifton
It's official. We have dates, times and the location all set and it's time to make your plans to attend. Remember, space is limited to around 8 bowlers. This clinic was a success ...

bowling with both hands
Is it legal to bowl with both hands....To further explain, can you bowl your strike ball with one hand and shoot spares with the other? I am a lefty that has a very hard time shooting my ...

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Prize lists "Should Hdcp pay more than Scratch?"
We just voted on our prize list last week. Afterwards a couple had a question in regard to the individual prizes (High Game Hdcp, High Game Scratch etc. etc. ). "Why did Hdcp pay ...

trying out a new news client nothing to see here move along -- "It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues." ...

Fingers Hurt Using Robby Revs
Greetings. I've been using the Robby Revs 1 wrist support for about the last 6 weeks now since our league started. The problem I'm noticing is that my joint on the finger next to the pinky <...

When you have a night so bad, sandbagging seems like the only viable option...
So, I'm bowling in my competetive friday night 3-man handicap league and our leadoff man is absent. We couldn't find a sub for him so we use his blind (172). I bowl ok the first game, 219......

Oil q
Me again In terms of Heavy, Medium and Light (as I can understand these), what does 64 units of oil equate to? Thanks.

Attn: Ottawa, Ontario Bowlers
THE FRUIT BOWL A Brunch & Bowling Event Sunday, November 20th Brunch at Fil's Diner Bowling at Westpark Bowling Lanes Ottawa, Ontario Brunch...

Columbia Backyard Bully
Was thinking of getting a couple of new balls: the Columbia Backyard Bully for medium conditions and the new EPX T1 for oily conditions. I've only had Ebonite balls before. Anybody have an...

Hi. Any preference as to which type of glue I should use for finger inserts? TIA.

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