PBA Pattern Balls from Elite
WOW just looked up the Elite balls named after 4 of the 5 PBA lane patterns..... Shark, Cheetah, Viper, Scorpion. (No Chameleon) Bowlersparadise has them on sale for $289.. $90 savings from ...

The center in my area recently installed new scoring computers and pin spotters. When they re-opened in Sept. they started requiring pre-pay for open bowling. This has created a big hassle...

Back Problems and Ball Weight
I have had back surgery (fused vertibrae) and still have a bad disc. I started bowling leagues 1 yr ago and started with a 12 lb ball. I'd like to move up (slowly). Anyone out there with bac...

Is there a best "Spare Ball" ?
For those who use a plastic spare ball, is there any difference, or do you just get the coolest colors and graphics you can get on a cheap ball? I use my old White Dot that use to...

cleaning reactive balls
Hi: What is the proper way to clean the new reactive bowling balls? I haven't bowled in about 10 years, and these new surfaces on the balls are very different to the urethane c...

Fixture list program
Hi, Anyone know of a program (free) that generates tenpin bowling fixture lists. I already have league management software that does it, i'd like to know how it does it so I can ...

Bowling on Wikipedia - sad
Check out these 2 Wikipedia entries. One of bowling's best... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Ray_Williams One of poker's best... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doyle...

USBC Response to "Dressing the lanes and the league President"
Heres the response that I got on my email. Its like we all figured. I go and set everyone straight about. Dear____: The following is in response to the e-mail we received on...

Another Fingerholes q
I was bowling the other day and there were some disabled bowlers on an adjacent lane. One of them used the launch ramp thingy and carried his ball in both hands from the rack to the ramp eac...

Bowling Equipment for Sale
In case you or somebody you know is interested in starting up a bowling center: 20 Brunswick A2 bowling machines, with Jetback ball returns and lane beds. The machines are crate...

Dressing the lanes and the league President
This is a copy of a question I sent to the USBC asking about what to do in this situation. Thought I'd see what opinions I got here also. (This guy really yelled at me about this, Lik...

Online video's / tips
Does anybody know of any free online bowling video's or tips? if so please post a link. Thanks.

Nationals in Corpus
Just food for thought.. IF Rita hits the Texas coast like it looks like She's gonna.... and IF there's problems even close to the problems in New Orleans & surrounding areas,.... Is there a ...

Pocket spares
Hello everyone, I used to love to bowl as a kid, and over the past year, I have been working hard at becoming a good bowler. I've gotten a good release down, and bought a Hammer Hawg to re...

FS: 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set
1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set I have for sale the 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" Premier Edition 100-Card (Factory-Sealed) Set with Original Box. The set i...

USBC new ball specs
I thought I read in the PBA message boards that the USBC had backed off of the x-hole rule but still was going with the new logo and the cg location, anybody else know anything about this? <...

Lowest score you can get with 9 strikes?
Hello, I have been asked a question by my teacher (I am taking bowling courses at UW-Milwaukee) the question is "what is the lowest score you can get with only 9 strikes?" I cant seem to fig...

Free 1000+ Albums, High Quality MP3 Downloads
http://www.musicrice.com Register as a member. Click "Upgrade to gold member" to be Gold Member for free(lifetime).

Camera Recommendations
I like to record my practice bowling sessions and I currently use my digital camera's video function to do that (sucks though). I was wondering what other digital camera's or camcorder...

CAB sanding blocks
Anyone having trouble getting CAB blocks. I have ordered a set several months ago and the retailer says the supplier is slow ... just a bit.

I really screwed up!
Yesterday (Thursday) was the starting day of my Day league. I really bowled crappy: 665 series (2nd 600 series for me) 269 game (beat my high game of 254, set last year) ...

I was recently asked by a fellow bowler a question I could not answer and was wondering if anyone else might know? Last Saturday on my mixed league a bowler had prebowled because they could ...

USBC Oil Pattern changes?
I heard a rumour todat that the USBC will require lanes to have more oil in 2006. Has anyone else heard this? I go to Bowl.com all the time and I haven't seen it posted anywhere.

More rev's?
On my normal league shot and my high school traveling league shot i and my coache's have noticed that i need to get more rev's on my ball, i already have a good amount but i need more which ...

Questions from a long absent bowler
I am returning to bowling after being absent from the game since 1992-93. After a couple weeks of practice, I have decided to join a league and get back into action. (I think my bowling ball...

Las Vegas
I know most of you bowl on a league, so you should have received your free copy of US Bowler. This is a magazine that is supposed to go to every person that is a sanctioned bowler. I know ...

New Oil - Shitty Bowling
The local yokel lanes switched oils from one that was manageable to this infinity oil and it is absolutely crap! I am a 170 average stroker, and I can barely keep my average up in th...

Playing Deep Inside Line
I would like to be able to play a deep inside line with some sort of confidence. I have tried in practice with no real success. When playing an inside line does that call for a more aggress...

Chris Schenkel dies
Chris Schenkel, ABC sportscaster who hosted bowling for years, has died. <http://www.latimes.com/news/local/state/la-me-schenkel12sep12,1,4696996. story?coll=la-news-state> ...

Track "Crash"
Ive been bowling in a saturday Yaba league for 4 years, im 14 now. might seem young but never to young to start :) well anyways, ive been throwing a 14lb. Ebonite Matrix Tps III but my coach...

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