Lane #1 and USBC Agree to Terms
USBC, As per your request, all polished Super Carbide Bombs in our warehouse will be returned to it's original state. Furthermore, I will issue a statement on our website, re-call...

Good Web Sites
What are some of the good bowling websites? I was just surfing around tonight looking thru google, and there doesnt seem to be much out there. what sites do you guys go to?...

Ball polish q.
Hi. Probably another one for my dumb questions folder. I've got a White Dot in a Blue Pearl colour. Over time the balls surface has got kinda dull so I tried washing it. Whilst wet, th...

Ball Spinners
I am looking at purchasing a ball spinner. The choices I see are Innovative, Vertex and Donkee. Anyone have experience with theses units? The price is not so much a deciding factor as ...

Any Place to Order Bowling Equipment from in Canada?
Hi. Looking to get a Robbys Rev I from somewhere in Canada. Don't have a proshop here, just the bowling alley that can order it in for retail ($100). Is there a place in Canada a person can...

League on Life Support - Part II
Well, had the league meeting tonight, and man, it wasn't very pleasant. What we all had thought was seven teams was in reality 6, and only half of them were full teams. The other hal...

USBC Bans Super Carbide Bomb, Then Re-Instates It USBC reinstates Lane #1 bowling ball to approved list 8/25/2005 The United States Bowling Congress has ret...

Do you have to be "Somebody" in the business?
Hello, Im new with groups, and I need some help. Recently I've been trying to find a job working with the Brunswick GS-X's. I was a B-Mechanic at my last job working on the Brunswick...

USBC Honor Score Awards
Now that we are about to start the new season under USBC rules, what does anyone think about the new awards for 700 series etc. Gonna be hard to sew a coaster on that jacket.

Ball Cleaners - Is There a Difference?
Hi Guys, I have bought and used just about every ball cleaner on the market. Also, I have just used 409, and Simple Green. In all honesty, I can't tell by feel, how good a job...

congradulations to the first woman to win a pba touny
on sunday aug 21 Liz Johnson won the pba east regional tournament at king pin lanes in rome ny after 2 second place finishes in the past she finally did it . CONGRADULATIONS GREAT...

London, UK, Bowling Event and Dinner
We're planning our first ever 10 Pin Bowling event in London in a few weeks time. If there happen to be any expert bowlers on here who want to pass on some tips on the night we'...

resurfacing ball(really necessary)???
just a thought, upon many games on my year and a half old illusion ball,and getting ready for the new fall season to start,i posted about getting it resurfaced and such, i was informed that ...

Does anyone have any info about the new Ebonite xxxcel ball. I am thinking about getting one, if it is any good

Is there a limit on how many holes can be drilled in a ball?

Anybody bought the new Elite Alien?
From what I hear, it does hook and hit hard.....but how many people these days can afford a $280 ball?

New Columbia ETX T1 Ball
Has anyone tried this ball yet? It has a new type of coverstock called 'Catalyst™ coverstock' which they claim is the biggest innovation since reactive resin. True or just ad blitz? There's ...

Columbia white dot vs blue dot
To the collective brains... Trying to find a new spare ball for my 12 year old. He bowls right handed and is currently bowling with a 168 avg. Looking around of course there are a...

ring finger pain
HI, I've been bowling for about a year and I got my own custom drilled ball in april (14lb). I bowl straight with a little bit of left hook which has improved my average. Anywa...

League on life support
Just another sign the bowling leagues are dying out. I am the sec/treas of a friday night men's league. I've spent plenty of time and resources advertising the openings for said league s...

Wrist Supports - Do They Work Well?
Greetings. I'm trying to learn how to properly throw a hook ball. However, I'm finding it difficult and slightly painful the next day if I have my wrist in the cupped position to do this. ...

soaking vs. resurfacing????
i have a illusion ball that has never been resurfaced yet and has a year and a half on it,around 2-3 leagues winter leagues and a 12 week summer league. it appears that the ball is probally...

USBC providing a service.....
I've contacted USBC this wek about two separate things.. I'm active in the game and after two conversations this last week with other bowlers looked into two different things. F...

Ach, mein thumb hurts... Form, or drilling?
Felt really good my first time out, but after the high died down, I realized that 36 hours later, and my right thumb still hurts between the first joint, and second joint connecting to the...

indoor bowls carpets needed
Our club, in rural NSW, Australia, needs new carpet mats for indoor bowls. They are about 30ft long. Who can advise me of any suppliers?

Columbia 300
Ok, I have one of these. I bought it monday. It seems pretty good so far. What Ball should I get next? Achbar

I am New to this Game
I just bought a basic kit to my bowling going. How important is it to hook a ball rather than a straight pitch. I hope I am making sense. Achbar

Took my brand new Xcel Pearl for a spin today!
Thanks to a GREAT pro-shop guy, some nice inserts, and a good tip to put my thumb in LAST... I bowled four games, and my hand feels better than it did in the old days with my old ball play...

I think I've found my groove again!
As I said, I bowled a 155-160 average when I quit bowling 13 years ago. Yesterday I bowled another three games, and was struggling to find my old self the first two games... Then came the ...

Questions on new ball for dry lanes
All, Currently I bowl with a Brunswick Intense Inferno as well as a Ebonite Apex Obsession. The inferno is drilled very aggressive and the Apex is mildly aggressive. I also have a plastic sp...

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