ABC Tournemant & Train Derailment.
Train derails in downtown Baton Rouge By CHARLES LUSSIER Advocate staff writer A Canadian National train derailed today in downtown Baton Rouge. A Canadian Nation...

whats in your bowling bag ?
was curious what balls everyone has in there bowling bags ? this fall ill have 4 balls with me at all times they are , 1. storm x factor deuce is brand new 2. brunswick mo...

The impact of ball choice on scores
hello all, I just noticed something interesting about the effect of ball choice on my game. For the 2003-04 winter season I used mostly early rolling dull particle equipment with ...

Sale at local alley q
Hi. Sale at my local alley. Plastic balls $100, urethane balls $65. I'm very confused. I thought Urethane was a step up from Plastic. Can someone please explain what I've mi...

Bowlers needed
Buffaloe Lanes South 401 S Garner NC Wednesdays 6:30P

Barnes in Kansas
Has anybody else noticed that Chris Barnes bowled in the Kansas Bowling Associations Tournament. 2nd in All Events. I'll have to read the rules before I bowl in the tournament again. He's...

FS: 1977 Sportscaster Bowling "Earl Anthony" Jumbo Card
1977 Sportscaster Bowling "Earl Anthony" Jumbo Card I have for sale the 1977 Sportscaster Bowling "Earl Anthony: The 100,000-Dollar Man" Jumbo Card #04-10. The card measures 4 3/4" x 6...

Spare Ball - keep it in my bag or throw it away?
For several weeks, I was having a horrible struggle with the ten pin. I had early success picking it, but as my hook release improved, my ability to flatten out and roll for spares on the r...

pro shop selling out
looking to sell my pro shop with all inventory of items.Getting out of bowling and dont have the time to drill or open a pro shop.also have a list of inventory me if interested a...

perhaps I'm already playing on a tough shot
OK.. the recent talk about the "soup at Nationals" got me wondering. So, today I had lunch with two of the five guys I know who went. I was given some interesting information. ...

German privat Bowling Newsgroup
Hi everybody, i host a privat german bowling newsgroup with my own server. Adress: no password no username greets Robert -- There are o...

32 Lanes of bowling equip for sale
Avalible mid July... Bowling Alley Closing... all 32 lanes are for sell to be moved out... All Eqipment ( pin setters ?? ) in working condition for sale. must be disassembled and moved...

It's all academic
The two things causing bowling to lose it's integrity are the overall attitude of it's participants and the Almighty dollar bill. Instant gratification is the standard of today's bowlers....

scoring changes
Hi. I've read various posts about rule changes, designed to my view to be aimed at reducing scores. May I suggest an alternative approach. Currently a 300 game is made by bo...

Rule change
What I would like to know is if bowling centers will have to purchase new balls after 2008 with the USBC logo on them? I personally do not use a house ball but we have some people that do...

Roto grip speaks out about USBC proposed changes
I just got this from Rot Grip. Thought I'd pass it along May 13, 2005 ROTO GRIP SPEAKS OUT ABOUT THE USBC PROPOSED CHANGES by Roger Noordhoek Due to the large amount of comments a...

Pepsi Youth Tourney in Saginaw
Is anybody else going to Saginaw this weekend? -John O

Donations for leukemia
Greetings! I am raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a participant in their Team In Training and I'm asking you to help by making a contribution. Each donation h...

Drilling Suggestions?
I just got my Charcoal Executioner from UPS for winning the Visionary monthly trivia contest. I am curious if anyone has a drilling recommendation? I can't decide how I want to go wit...

Going against conventional wisdom
I experienced something bowling last Friday night that completely confused me and I'm looking for an explanation. First off, I'm now using an Ebonite Xcel particle ball (15#) that gives me a nice...

Adult Youth Bowling League - Troy, MI. ***********
Bowl One Lanes (Troy, MI) Adult/Youth league starts tomorrow night (May 9th) at 7:00pm. It runs 12 weeks. It is only $10 per team each week. It's not a big league, but it has been fun. I'v...

Men Only Leagues...
I want to guage a few opinions from all you knowledgable people here... In our country, we have only 4 sanctioned bowling centres, and only 2 that run leagues. Of these leagues, only ...

bowling center blackmail ???
Hi all, I am a long time lurker in this group ( never thought I had anything to add) and I have a situation that I would like to get some opinions on... here is the situation * small mi...

2 pin count
Joined a sport shot league this summer and saw something I had never witnessed before. A 2 count. Three different crankers took only the 6-9 out of a first ball rack.

Opening a new center info?
Does anyone know the best place to look for information on equipment and pricing for lanes, etc.? I know about Brunswich, any others?

Looking for folks for League
League starts Wed May 11th Looking for folks who has the drive and the skill to keep it between the gutters. Buffaloe Lanes South Garner, NC

best thing to clean oil off??
i am quite aware of the techniques involved with getting the oil out of the ball (dish water liquid and soaking your ball,baking your ball,leaving it outside in the sun,over a heat vent,tak...

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