24 frames straight without a pin left on the deck...
And I was in unsanctioned play for the end of the season "Fun Night". I dumped every single pin in the pit for the first 24 frames and finished with an 836. Damn. No ring. I ha...

Favorite Automatic Scoring System?
Just a quick poll: What was, or is, your favorite automatic scoring system? For me it has to be the Brunswick AS 80/90 scoring system. It is so simple and easy to use. I don't know wh...

Ball drillings
Lets bring back the concept of developing rotation and entry angle through individual ability. Buying these qualities in equipment and then competing on easy conditions have killed the int...

Just bought a new ball
i just bought a storm X factor duece . it`s my first storm ball used it tonight for the first time and out the box shot a 215 163 202 LIKES = it hits really hard hooks heavey ...

Pro shop drilling charges
Ever wonder why proshops charge up to $50.00 to drill a new blank ball when drilling used to be free. I personally can measure and drill in 20 minutes. Maybe 30 if I watch the guy throw a ...

USBC Propses Ball Specifications
Just got the following press release, and was a little curious what people thought about the proposed changes. I'm not wild about forced advertising on every ball manufactured after

Bowling writer needed
First of all, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Dan Benton, and I'm president of Secondary Sports relations for a company called "The Most Valuable N...

Shoe Question
I have been wearing a mid priced ( read sports authority ) pair of shoes for several years and even though I like them the slide is wearing thin. I thought I would take this chance to buy ne...

Fixture list calculation
Does anyone know where I can get a schedule for round robin league matches. I have fixtures for 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 players/teams but I need one for 22 players/teams. The f...

Equiptment questions from a newbie
Hi all! I bowled in highschool (about 10 years ago) in a school league and have recently gone a few times and am thinking about getting back into it. I didn't have my own ball back the...

moose tourney in Erie, PA
Anybody going to be there? Short notice to ask but If you're going post a message to me and maybe we can meet up somewhere. Jamie

Ball spec and resurfacing
Question re resurfacing. "The circumference of a ball shall not be more than 27.002 inches nor less than 26.704 inches, nor shall it weigh more than 16 lbs (no minimum weight)." <...

A New achievement!!
Well this may seem a little strange to you all but I have to post this as I am very proud of this persons achievements.. Bascially the person is my wife, Smoffi, she has been bowling f...

the faster the better?
I've been working on a little theory. The last topic about prebowling made it come to mind. I had no idea what prebowling was, so I had to go read. If I get this correctly, prebowling is b...

Pre Bowl Scoring
Question for everyone. In both leagues I bowl in we are allowed 2 prebowls per half. The leagues are 36 weeks and we currently have 32 x 4 person teams. Two teams tonight were complaining th...

I know a ton of you watched it, like I did. Any comments? I thought the format was interesting. It did get exciting with the 6 frame games. I can see holding some sort-of local qualifi...

pro shop closing
I have decided to close and sell all my shop inventory.I am selling inventory at cost,it all has to go.if interested email me back at [email protected] I have several wrist br...

Sport Bowling League
I'm joining the only SBL in the Dallas area this summer and wanted to ask you distinguished asb'ers the pro's or con's of your experiences. How will a sport league average affect my no...

ESPN Bowling night
Any of you catch that? What an abomination. If bowling needed anything to lessen its integrity as a sport, this is it. And poor Norm Duke --- I hope they're paying him a *LOT* for the rat...

Ball serial numbers
Hi. I've noticed that balls are stamped with a serial number. What's the reason for this? SS

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Men's League Ideas...
Hi everybody, I know with all the experience that read this NG, somebody has to have some good ideas. Basic delima: League is on a military installation, but in a large militar...

Hammer with a hammer in it?
Does anyone know where I can get one of those clear Hammer balls that has a hammer in it? I've looked on hammer.com and ebay but didn't find it. Thanks, Chet

Randy Peterson at Dexter TOC- poor sport?
Was anyone else turned off by Randy Pederson's behavior on ESPN's broadcast of the Dexter TOC? First he yelled at some kid in the stands, telling him to stand like a little statue. In the la...

Randy Pedersen fined Sunday?
I can understand his frustration, but in an arena setting that's bound to happen. I don't really care for his commentating, and after yesterday I don't care to see him bowl either. Seems l...

If you have, sanctioned or open bowling, visit www.IBowledA300Game.com

Get on our 300 Game Bowlers list
If you've ever bowled a scratch 300 game, go to http://www.300Bowlers.Com and get your name listed for the world to see. Tell any of your friends who have achieved perfection to get their...

Marathon Tourney
10 Game scratch Marathon Tournament.. 1 pm April 23 Stadium Lanes San Angelo Texas 325-651-2695 Only $60 entry pays 1:4

Greater Detroit Tuesday Night Men's League.
Anyone needing a bowler for a men's league in Metro Detroit that bowls on Tuesday night's for 2005-2006 let me know. I averaged 206 & 212 this year for the yearbook. Edward DeGr...

Building a Bowling Lane
Hello All: In order to help my kids improve in their bowling, I've decided to build an outdoor bowling lane about 40' feet long. It's only 40' feet long because I wanted to conce...

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