lost folks
Whatever happened to Smokey, Eldred, Lisa, Jeff P ?

Drill instruction DVD wanted
I 'm looking for an instruction DVD or book for drilling balls with the x-y system, is there anybody who can help me with it... Videotape's are not an option, because we have in europe ano...

Just joined a league!
Howdy all! I have my first game of league tonight!!! I went for a practice bowl last night and scored 137 on one game (only had time for one). I played league about 4 years ago bu...

What's common lane courtesy in your area?
twobirds offered: Date: 25 Mar 2005 23:32:02 From: twobirds Subject: Re: What's common lane courtesy in your area? Sorry about that Al. Didn't mean to offend. I'm...

Tough conditions
Hey! Anyone remember me shootin' like crap the ABCs? I sure do. Well, putting in the time on the tough conditions pays off. There is an informal league here that plays at noon on Fridays. It...

Advice on Keeping Ball Straight
Hi. Been bowling for a couple of years now and joined the fun league for the first time. My average is stuck at about 130. Part of the reason for this is that sometimes I can't make th...

Check Out this New Comedy DVD About BOWLING! (www.UnknownBowler.com)
Greetings, folks. My name is Bobby Logan and I'm a feature film & TV comedy writer/director... and avid bowler in Los Angeles. I want to introduce you all to a new Comedy DVD I've mad...

Sanding a sparkle ball
Hi. Has anyone here ever sanded a sparkle ball? What does the finish look like/ Do the sparkle bits still sparkle or do they become some sort of dull grey bits that just look like...

question about oil patterns
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_001C_01C530C2.E5F8BE80 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Dexters vs Linds revisited
In the last few weeks, I read a couple of threads about shoes and shoe companies.... I wish I would have paid attention to what I read. I purchased a pair of Linds PSS shoes. This is...

REQ:Specialty balls--TIA
I have a really good friend whose birthday is right around the corner. He wants a clear bowling ball with an 8-ball in the center. Was hoping maybe someone on the list knows where we can ge...

What's common lane courtesy in your area?
I was taught to give two lanes on either side, which if everyone would follow, the night would go by just as quickly. However, at my two local centers it seems like one lane on either side ...

Where to buy a new bowling pin
I'm going to be bowling in a pro am and would like to get a brand new pin (actually 1 for a friend as well) to get autographs. I called my local center and they said they didn't have any ne...

For 20 years (pretty much since the internet began), I've been reading these claims. I've decided to check it out myself and turn the results into a nice freelance article. Here ...

Tenpin Bowling in the United Kingdom
I found the following list of Tenpin Bowling venues in England. Does anybody know of any more?. Cheers. A M F - Purley Accrington Superbowl - Accrington Ac...

Ball Roll Problem...
I'm looking for some advise...I have been bowling 25 years and have almost always used fingertip grip with inserts. I hook the ball about 9-11 revs with medium to slow speed. I recently got ...

Is a Crown Royal Bowling Ball by Brunswich worth anything?
I got one, it is blue, weights about 15-16 lbs, had a bag. I just came across and wonder if I should find a home for it or just throw it out? Thanks. Mike <...

So you say "sport" shots are hard?
We are just back from a tournament down south... for all you people that say "the Nationals shot is so hard" or "my sports league is impossible", look at this photo taken of the lanes second...

pba spoiler!!!
She's in the final!!!!

Liz Johnson Made the Show!!!
History was just made!!! Liz Johnson defeated Richard Wolfe 4-3 in match play. She's the first female to compete in a pba tour televised event!!! It will be nice to see a change of flavor ...

Kudor to Ebonite
Had a 3-ball inline bowling ball bag that the bearing came out of one side of the handle. If I hit a bump or something, the handle would pull out of the slot. Took it to the ...

PBA Motel 6 Roll to Riches
A quick glance at the PBA website to check out the updated standing of this weeks tour stop caught my attention a bit more than usual with the PBA Motel 6 Roll to Riches tournament, schedule...

retired balls
Considering the desire for the manufacturers to make a buck... I certainly understand why they develop new gear and quit manufacturing older products. I'm not sure I understand the very sho...

las vegas tournaments?
The Mrs. and I are headed to Las Vegas and would love to bowl at one or more of the great bowling centers out there. Is anyone aware of tournament on Easter Sunday? Our local house i...

I Have A Question ???
On Our league the President completed his first game and got mad at his team mates and put his shoes on and left ,, My question is for the remaining two games how do we score him ?? Does his...

New Site
Motocross World Championship MX1 www.ricciracing.it

online tournaments ??
On the USBC website the other day, I ran across a link to rad300.com and subsequent searches turned up other ones called called leaguetournaments.com and trueamateurtournaments.com . <...

Storm balls on front page of WSJ
if you get a chance it talks about storms scented balls.

What brand of polish to use?
Just got a ball spinner and remembered someone posting a few weeks ago regarding an auto polish made by (I think) 3M that worked great on bowling balls. One of the other brands was Brasso, ...

PBA shows on VHS
Howdy! :) Does anyone here have access to VHS tapes of old PBA shows? I'm looking mainly for the mid-80s or earlier. I have a fair amount to trade :) Thanks! Scott :) <...

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