Resurfacing Balls
I recently purchased a spinner and have been resurfacing balls from the league players from the house I play at. I have had alot of good feedback. I have yet to find a definitave ruling rega...

City Tourney Update
I asked what some of you would do if your Captain basically screwed you out of bowling in the City Tourney. SO I got home Sunday and had a message to call my captain because it was <...

(Youth) California Scratch Singles Classic Rescheduled
The California Scratch Singles Classic has been rescheduled. Originally set for President's Day weekend, the tournament was cancelled due to a low number of advanced entries as of the prior...

Columbia CPR
Has anyone tried the Columbia CPR ? Would be interested in your comments and comparisons to Hook Again. Thanks - ...

Dexter came through
I had placed a post regarding the ABS shoes and how people like them that had been Dexter shoe users previously. My pair of SST5's had failed on the right shoe (my none slide foot). T...

2005 ABC tournament early top 10 lists
For a few years now I have posted the top 10s unregularly throughout the tournament. The tournament started on January 12th and runs to Independence day this year. There are 13,222 teams par...

Bowling Ball Polishes
I just recently purchased a personal ball spinner and wanted to know if there is any inexpensive, but reliable, ball polishes (or any type of polish) that I can use. I want the ball to ...

Subs who dump for the other team
Our anchor man goes away for a few weeks to bowl nationals and beforehand he gets one of the well known floating subs that hangs around the alley to fill in for him. We don't know him(the su...

testing access.

free balldrill program
Sirs, I have written a bowling ball drilling program that is available for free at: This is not a demo; it will be the only version. ...

My first 800!!!!
Oh boy does it ever feel great! I had just gotten done bowling in a tournament and a gentleman told me to move over 5 boards. Finished with 4 strikes. Well, the tournament was over...

Wow and I thought I was a begger.
Why are the announcers saying Walter ray hasn't missed the pocket? are they calling the pocket the front right of the head pin instead of the area between the 1 and 3? I haven't seen him ...

bracket sidepot excel template
I am looking for an excel template to handle bracket sidepots in bowling. The template would function similar to the comercial software avaliable such as braxion. A search in google ...

And the truth shall set ye free Uncle Normie

Just say NO to Bin Ladin!!!!
Hi all I am helping a friend promote a web site. You see a childhood friend of hers lost her husband at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. She has run into some hard times and my frei...

two great threads, "THE tool", and "ye olde pancake weightblock"
hello, You guys have probably read these already but today I stumbled upon two great bowling threads called "high tech balls" on the message boards and "THE"...

A New COMEDY DVD Made Especially for BOWLERS!
It's the COMEDY DVD Produced Especially for BOWLERS! It's... "Life in the Bowling Lane!" Starring The Unknown Comic (Star of TV's Classic "Gong Show") and Comedian Bob Zany ...

Plastic ball with a strong hi-tech core?
hello, Does any manufacturer make a plastic ball with a strong hi-tech core? All I have noticed are ones with ye olde pancake weightblock. I've seen plenty of guys with a lot of h...

The Hat.
I bought a white AMF hat on Ebay to have Dick Weber autograph at the Senior PBA Tour stop in Sterling Heights, MI. this year. I won't be able to get it autographed, but I will where the ha...

Need in a couple of weeks?
Im tellin yah it workx and its so worth it Turn $5.00 into $50, this to find out how!!! READING THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! I found this on a bulletin board like this...

AT&T Idiots Update
Well, after five years and who knows how may conversations I THINK today I have resolved the problem (See the previous post "AT&T Idiots). I have never been able to talk with anyone f...

NBA Basketball 2005, anyone played it yet?
Everyone's been talking about how you can download the NBA Basketball 2005 sim game from your cell phone. I think you have to send a text to NBA 69847. Has anyone tried it yet? I want to giv...

Dick Weber, R.I.P.

Any advantage to sticking with one ball manufacturer?
I've had two fellows coaching me... One is the pro-shop man and he's a Columbia seller and beleives in the product. The other fellow is another guy that works at the same bowling center ma...

How to handle the 12th ball of a 300 game?
I shot 298 in the doubles event of city tournament today (finished with 788). It's my 2nd 298, to go with four 299s, but have yet to shoot 300. I wasn't that nervous today, just got it ins...

The Bowling Related Mommy Brag
As of today, my daughter is the 2005 Michigan State High School Jr. Varsity Singles Champion :) She bowled in a tournament with a field that had 95 girls compete, and then they cu...

New Ball
I am looking for a new Ball1 Dont need a big hooker but a good middle of the road ball. Have a storm recovery and a tack E M B. Keep your head down!

WTF is a fluffer?
Hello, I know what a fluffer is when it comes to porno, but wtf is a fluffer in bowling and how did the term come into bowling? Chuck

Rollins & Metzger
They attacked me on Sun Feb 6th at noon in front of my house. Tzippy

Bracket template for Excel
I was just wondering if anyone could tell me where I might find a Bracket template for Excel. Thanks Kevin

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