Ball weight question
Hi. What is the maximum permitted weight of a ball? I thought it was 16lb, however there's an ebay auction (7131621669) that is offering a Brunswick "Crown Jewel" that weighs 18lb...

1017 four game series
Hello all my turn to brag. First off to let every body know my name is Ross Smith (tony Smith brother). I been reading for years never posting (sometimes laughing to hard). but any way t...

AT&T Idiots
And the stupidly continues ... In 2000 I tried out AT&T's promotion for cell phone service. The promotion was to try out the service for 30 days and if you continued the service the ...

Anybody ever went to one of these? Im planning on doing the one in Medina with Chris Barnes and Bohn but I wasn't sure what exactly you do. I know you bowl 3 no-tap games but is it like a ...

Pins used in Baton Rouge
Anyone know what brand of pins are going to be used in Baton Rouge? Just curious.

Tall Bowler
Folks: I am fairly new to bowling. My girlfriend introduced me to it about a year ago. I have bumbled along on my own mostly. I have two question. 1. I am six foot ...

Looking for Tournaments
I use to live on the east cost near Philly. There was an ABT Tournament every weekend in both Philly and Jersey and about one scratch tournament a month. But since I move here (Toledo Ohio...

PBA televised tournies
I am a brit and over here we do not get to see the televised tourneis at all :( I did get a couple of them via the webcast the PBA did but as I have read this few months the webcast is ...

lost power
what happens in the case when the bowling center loses all power in the middle of the last game,(for most of the bowlers) I'm not sure if the games/scores were saved. do we start all over,...

Help! I need a LIST of Bowling Centers...
I have a new bowling product and I'm looking for a list of ALL of the Bowling Centers (and Pro Shops if possible) across the U.S. and Canada. Do any of you have such a list? Or know w...

Rita Watkin, RIP
Rita Watkin who was a good friend of mine and many time partner in leagues and mixed doubles tournaments died of cancer earlier this month. She was 72 but very sensative about her age and wo...

Harry Golden's Medallion.
From the Bowlers Journal Cyber newsletter. Note at the bottom the contact information to protest this situation. Let's flood these offices!!! Sevenout. NEVADA CLAIMS HARRY GOLDE...

Patrick Allen's Footwork
Did anyone else notice on the PBA show last Sunday that Allen takes two steps (out of 5) before he pushes the ball away? I guess it works for him! I also use a 5 step and a consistent push...

Liquidating pro shop stock
I am reposting because I was told in an email that some servers trunticate the email address. this should solve the problem. I have several braces, bags, gloves, tape, etc. I am liquidatin...

Is the 'star sysem' working?
I thought that one of the motives behind the 'exempt tour' was to have there be more 'stars' -- players the fans could identify with and look forward to seeing with some regularity [cf, non-...

Online Bowling Newsletter
I am in the process of beginning to publish my new Online Bowling Newsletter. It will be monthly and include bowling columns, PBA news, Tips, Ball and Equipment Reviews, etc. ...

AOL the Idiots!
This may be the last time you hear from me. AOL just announced they will no longer offer newsgroups and suggested using google or some such. I do not browse the web. Google to me is ju...

Coach in the North Orlando FL area
I am looking for a coach in the North Orlando area. Primarily for my kids ( 11 thru 15 ). All bowl youth leagues but it's time to step up for opportunities in HS. Thx...

Liquidating proshop stock
I have several braces, bags, gloves, tape, etc. I am liquidating. Prices including shipping are a little over wholsale generally. Volume sales cal be discounted further. E-mail me at ...

Free Coca Cola Bowling Ball - Australia
AMF advert on TV earlier today - sign up for a league, attend each week, get a free Coca Cola ball. Sounds simple enough. Will investigate on Thursday and post back.

AMF Pinnacle Pins
I am new to the group and have read here and on bowling BBS that the AMFlite II pins are considered by most to be the best pins, and better sounding and scoring than Brunswick. After bowlin...

ABC Baton Rouge LA, Feb. 23 &24
We have 9 bowlers from our center, NRV Superbowl, Christiansburg VA, going to the ABC Championship in Baton Rouge LA and we need one (1) more bowler. Interested parties please con...

Almost Perfect...
Howdy all! Long time, no post. Taking the year off of bowling, but I saw this article in the paper today and had to pass it along to y'all. Lonnie Sharkey is undoubtedly the bes...

Dexter SST heels
What are some ways to break in the rubber heels so they slide? I can't get mine to slide at all like my old ones. Please help. Thanks.

Beginners ball
Quick opinion pls. Which ball (14lb) is better for a beginner - Ebonite Maxim or Columbia 300 White Dot? Thanks.

Greetings, I'm looking for someone with a bowling webpage who will provide a home for a new ball drilling program, "BallDrll.exe". It's not a demo and it's free. I did drilspec man...

Bowling Balls
Does anyone here use the MoRich Equipment? I used to use a lot of Storm Products and while I think they are a good company I love this MoRich stuff. I started out with the Colossus, then t...

Coach in Dallas area
Would anyone point me to someone in the Dallas area to give me some pointers to improve my game? I bowl primarily in Garland. I have my average hovering now between 170 and 180. ...

I love Sports So Much
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Idiots in Charge
Those are not idiots! They are just really stupid business people. Here in New Mexico we really do have idiots in charge of both politics and bowling. Bill Richardson is governor of t...

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