Happy New Year Ya'll
Peace, Love, Dove and Hari Krishna all you happy freaks :-) mhood

Brunswick Elite P43
Bought an Elite P43 (blue) and shot 684 in league Wednesday. First particle ball I've had in 3-4 years, but it hits hard and not much over-under. Will probably get the black R43 soon. Fro...

I think the pro shop plugged my new ball...
I suppose I need a little advice, and I should give a bit of background... I'm a casual bowler with a low average. I throw a straight ball (standard old K-Mart plastic brunswick ball,...

Warm Welcome To NI!
Often I see people on here are visiting the UK or Ireland. I would, as usual, like to extend a hearty welcome to all visiters to this part of the world, and invite all bowler who are near ...

OT - One for the Movie Buffs...
My friend just bought a stetson hat... Tonight I was wrackin g my brains as to where I had hear a particular referance before... In a film I cannot recall the name of, a character gets...

increasing revs
Ok, help me out here guys. How can I increase the revs of my ball without a wrist aid and without snapping my wrist on the release? It may be an optical illusion, but I think my ball has r...

Bowling movies/films etc.
Hello Does anybody know where to download bowling films from tour's , league etc? recording from TV...? They only sending 1 hour in month on TV her in Norway. Thanks :) ...

temperature risk to bowling ball?
Am interested in assessing the level of risk from temperature extremes on mainstream or recent model bowling balls (I have some very old relics (LT48 and a Black Diamond for instance) that I...

temperature risk to bowling ball?
Am interested in assessing the level of risk from temperature extremes on mainstream or recent model bowling balls (I have some very old relics (LT48 and a Black Diamond for instance) that I...

Watching myself bowl on my computer
Hello, I just bought my first computer and would like to know how I would go about videotaping myself bowling and then being able to watch it on my computer. What type of camera should I buy...

Curse of the Carrydown (Has this happened to you??)
During my 10 minutes of practice before league play last Wednesday I threw strike after strike with my ball hooking beautifully, and was extremely confident going into league play. Well, the...

Slippery Approaches
Does anyone have a solution for super slippery approaches? (sometimes it seems that only glue will do)

I want to wish everyone in this forum a Very Merry CHRISTmas this CHRISTmas Eve! :)

Original Blue Hammer vs. Big Blue
Hello, I bought an original Blue Hammer a long, long time ago and still love to use it on certain conditions. I see that the Big Blue is supposedly similar to the original but is better on o...

"no slide" lanes!
I just tried my new pair of Etonic Stabilite Mens Action Black/Blue Right Hand bowling shoes here in our only bowling center (small town). The shoes advertise a "long, controlled slide," but...

From clari.sport.bowling Arafat sank $1 million in NYC bowling lane
NEW YORK, Dec. 23 (UPI) -- The late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat secretly invested more than $1 million in a Manhattan bowling alley, according to media reports. Some $1.3 million o...

OT: If You Play Pool Check This Out
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour Tour wishes you and yours the best for the holidays. Mj ( 5 )***NEW EVENTS ADDED TO SCHEDULE*** January 22-23 (OPEN EVENT) Athens, GA - Murphy's B...

Cold bowling balls, thumb sticking
I'm a new bowler and bought a new Brunswick Groove Reactive ball last month. I just went to bowl a few games after work and my ball was in my car's trunk, with the temperature right around ...

McCune's remarks to Pedersen
During competition on last Sunday's ESPN televised finals, twice McCune said "Thanks a lot, Randy!" referring to announcer Pedersen. Do you think Pedersen said something too loud that distu...

Cleaning your ball
CAn anyone recommend a safe degreaser that I can use that I would find at Shoprite? Would a general purpose degreaser work? I heard of Spray 9 but could not find it there. ...

Changing Ball Surface
I know that you are not allowed to change the ball surface during league play by using sandpaper and such. I currently was told I could not sand my ball after shadow bowling and the s...

Excercise for left leg?
Hello, being right-handed, my left leg is getting fatigued very quickly... is any particular excercise for bowlers to fix up those muscles a bit? TIA, Ekkehard -...

Seasons Greetings From The Magnificent Bastard
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all of my fans and to the readers of usenet. http://www.magnificentbastardproductions.com/xmas.html -- Magnificent Bastard Producti...

What is considered a "high scoring oil pattern"?
Can anyone in the know give a couple of examples? The center I bowl at oils down to 42 feet with a very heavy amount in the middle 10 to 10 and light amounts from 10 out to t...

'My league walked' update
One week later - before practice, the house owner addressed the league, apologized for the previous week's conditions, explained that somehow the machine 'got into' a stripping program (no...

How to deal with flooded league shots?
Hello all, This past Sunday I encountered my worst nightmare, a heavily flooded league shot. I am a low revs player who uses very aggressive particle equipment sanded between 220-...

humorous gift idea
Need a unique gift idea for that picky guy or gal who's impossible to shop for? Why not a Dead Leprechaun?!? Underground comedian and all-around malcontent T.G. Fleming has finally

PBA Webcast Disgrace
I'm sure some of you will have read the discussion boards on the PBA site and the complaints about this years webcasts... for those who havn;t, the PBA have seriously cut the amount of conte...

hitting mark
Hello everyone I seem to be having trouble hitting my mark. I wonder i sit best for me to use the dots closer to the foul line or the arrows? I'm just to inconsistant in hitting them. ...

ESPN bowling commercials
A muscleman? A guy with a stick? This is supposed to be funny??? Whoever came up with these lame commercials needs to be in another line of work.

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