AMF or Brunswick?
I'm a new bowler who also enjoys studying mechanical devices such as watches, clocks, cars and airplanes, etc. With my interest in things mechanical, I am naturally curious- when it

V2 Dry
Does anyone know why Ebonite discontinued the V2 Dry. I finally figured out how to throw mine (keep it in the track and it doesn't over react) and have come to appreciate the ball; a few bi...

Pleas check your headers before you post!
The forgeries in your group are the product of an entity collectively known as "Dippy" to us NANAE users. His latest attack consists of posting Forgeries to random groups, with the *Follo...

PBA tapes?
Hello, group! :) I was wondering if anyone (other than me, lol) has a collection of old PBA shows? i have a decent collection and would love to trade with anyone who may do the sa...

Bulk Email Lists
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Re: Politically Correct Bowling Awards
The patches and certificates are always good incentives for all junior bowlers. They should be in addition to the trophies and plaques which are given out. As for tournament...

Re: Politically Correct Bowling Awards
Your system does have some good points to it Dave. Parents who pressure their kids too much definitely cause problems in any sport. But you need to allow for the competitve...

Re: Politically Correct Bowling Awards
Darby, regarding ranking of awards, High Average was always considered the top individual award and received the largest trophy, High series was next largest and so on. The ...

Re: Politically Correct Bowling Awards
Execellent post Edward. I have to agree with you. The word 'Sport' is disappearing from the game. Ultimately, it could lead to the demise of competitive bowling. The ...

Politically Correct Bowling Awards
Has anyone else encountered this type of nonsense? It seems that up here in Ottawa, the junior leagues have for some time decided that everyone who wins an award should rece...

Where's The Money.
A certain loudmouth on this newsgroup promised to send me the money to purchase Bowl One Lanes (Troy, MI). I told him the amount I believed I would need and he still hasn't discussed how t...

coaches' class - 12/11 - Port St. Lucie Lanes
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11th, 2004 Port St Lucie Lanes 6759 S US 1 Port St Lucie, Florida 772-461-5390 PRE-REGISTRATION FEE: ...

Hi guys What kind of exercies do you all perform to ehnance your ball snap, if you will, on the followthrough? Also what kind warmup routines do you do before starting to bowl? U...

Happy Thanksgiving Everone
Jack B

Anybody going to Nationals this year around March? Im planning on going and hopefully find a team to bowl with. I've never been but with a current avg of 176 and a last year avg of 153 I...

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Hi, This is my first post to this newsgroup. I've been bowling in leagues on and off for about five years now. My average has hovered from the 130s to 140s for that time. Due t...

Good First Ball for a Beginnner
I went bowling with some friends recently and really enjoyed it. I'd like to buy my own ball but am confused by what I have been told in stores and pro shops. I've found online forums with f...

PBA Pro-Am events
Hello all, I recently signed up for a PBA pro-am event at Have any of you been to such an event? If so, were the pros helpful to you when you were bowling with them or is...

Musical PBA Timeslots on TSN
Do you like Musical Chairs? Well, TSN (The Sports Network) just won't take bowling seriously. A different day and time for every PBA show. Put on a blindfold and pick a time...

re: Bowling Center Music.
Remember this conversation from a couple months ago? Here is an update. I was at the lanes to take in the sights at the local "sport league" Thursday night, and to toss a couple on that cond...

My First 300 !!! : ))
Last night I got my first 300 game. It was my last game of the night and i had been struggling real bad. I had 160, 183 in my first two games and wasnt throwing the ball well. ( side not...

I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life.
"I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life. The problem is I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want." -- Mark Twain "Today people in America can become whatever they want. Tr...

FYSBT - Final Results-Lane Glo Lanes - 11/11 and 11/12.
Return-Path: <[email protected]> From: [email protected] Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 19:24:02 EST Subject: Final Results - Lane Glo Lanes - Nov. 13-14, 2004 FINAL RESULTS L...


"King of the Hill" after league
Last night after league finished, 20 guys chipped in $10 each for "King of the Hill", a single-game elimination tournament until one guy is left. We had 3 singles matches each, and the fina...

First ring!
Finally: 178-299-190 All 12 were pocket shots, with #11 being a bit high, and #12 weak...I was too nervous to get the revs I needed. Since I was strike or open the whole fir...

Do I Really Need Bowling Shoes?
I am getting more into bowling all the time ... joined my first league, have my own custom ball and bag. But no shoes yet. Do most bowling alleys require that you wear official bowling sho...

Fall tour
Well, I think it is a pretty clear indication about the basic (eventual) demise of the PBA that the tour has started and not a comment about it [mentions of Paige ignored]. I noticed this w...

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