FYSBT - Clearwater, Countryside Lanes - October 16/17
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 19:09:35 EDT Subject: LOSCHETTER TOURNAMENT - OCTOBER 16-17, 2004 - COUNTRYSIDE LANES - CLEARWATER HI EVERYONE! S...

What Happened To Me?
I am thoroughly demoralized right now. Two weeks ago I bowled a 534 series with two 190+ games. Last week my 1st and 3rd games weren't too hot, but I did pull out a 195 for the 2nd. Tonigh...

Advertising For Leauge Opening.
Can someone tell me why bowling proprietors advertise for league bowlers in: A) Their own bowling center? and/or B) The free local bowling newspaper you can pick up in...

Boxing on VHS.
Anyone in this froum need a tape of a favorite boxer or bout. If so checkmy list at url ; www.widomaker.com/~sop/ Pat Dwyer (757) 253 5880 feel free to call me direclty

storm hotrod pro stock
hi I currently have a Storm HotRod and iam playing very well with it, however i bought the ball to lite and iam now in the market for another bowling ball. I went to my local pro...

Your Bowling Center
It seems that more bowling centers are closing than are opening. Please tell me about your experiences in a bowling center you visit often or recently, but be nice. When talking about your...

Bowl One Lanes to become Capitol Lanes?
Those of you in the Metro Detroit area probably know Bowl One Lanes. If you look at the Community Bowling Centers website (http://www.bowldetroit.com/bowlingcenters.htm) you will notice th...

Advice, First 300 game
Hello All Bowlers: What is the cost for a 300 Gold Ring verses the standard silver one.

Bowling Center Music.
In bowling's never ending quest to get the recreational bowler in the bowling alley, it has come to the point where the serious bowler can no longer go into a bowling alley and bowl in a n...

Replacement bowlers needed - Reading/Pottstown PA Area
Friday Night League in need of 2 male bowlers. $16/week, good payout at end of season. Averages should be 170+ (competetive league) e-mail to above or reply here.

New To Bowling
Hi everyone, i am based in the uk, myself and my wife, have been bowling now, for about 3mths, we try to get to bowl at least once a week.Why we never got into bowling before, only god knows...

Teaching Question
Need some help/tip/ideas that I can give to my wife to get her to turn (hook) the ball more. She is often inconsistent with hand release. Thanks in advance for any help!

Easy money with Paypal
Interested in making some extra free money along side of what you are already doing? After all, we could all use some extra income, no matter what we do. How does $10,000 in two weeks sound?...

Ball maintenance opinion
Has anyone ever used this before? What is anyone's opinion. Thanks. Powerhouse Hook Again The first and only proven formula to actually restore hook to dead...

Compare bowling ball performance
Does anyone know of a site that compares the performance of bowling balls relative to hook potential, length, breakpoint shape etc. I am looking for a new ball and from searching the hundred...

How do you promote a dying league?
Hello all, I joined a Sunday morning 10am 3 person league last year and returned this year to find out that only 7 of 13 teams have come back. There was a last minute scramble to ...

Florida Junior Bowlers Tour...
Return-Path: <[email protected]m> Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 05:43:34 -0700 (PDT) Subject: Florida Junior Bowlers Tour I lost some of my address book a while ago, so I tr...

Bowling Group
Hello, We would like to invit you to join our bowling group. One of the greatest and most informative bowling groups on Yahoo! In our group you can enter your carreer acheivements...

first two weeks of the year
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_000E_01C49E3D.CA4FFD50 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Morrie's real-life job

Scratch/Hdcp Tournament
Sunday Sept 19, Tift County Lanes, Tifton GA I-75 Exit 62, Tifton, GA Entry Fee 40.00 Scratch, 40.00 Hdcp or 60.00 for both Ladies 90% of 220 Men 90% 210 Sign In 10:30 AM...

Awesome night
Hello all, to start off with I gave up bowling for 14 years and came back 2 years ago when my daughter wanted to try bowling.It's now 3 years that I have been bowling again. Anyway, I start...

October 2004 FL Junior Tournament Bowlers Event relocated to Merritt Island..
...details at http://www.juniortournamentbowlers.com/NextTournament.html The October event will be at Shore Lanes. Satellite Beach Lanes, where the JTB events have been hosted, w...

FYSBT - Final Results - AMF Casselberry - Sept 11-12, 2004
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 22:22:28 EDT Subject: Final Results - Loschetter Tournament - AMF Casselberry Lanes - 9/11-12/04 FINAL RESULTS

Space Coast Bowling Prop. Youth Travel League on hold...
Due to significant damage to Satellite Beach Lanes from Hurricane Frances, the Space Coast Bowling Proprietor's Youth Travel League scheduled to start there on Sunday 9/19 will be postponed ...

Cosmic bowling practice...
I did that Cosmic (acid) boling thing the other night with my girlfriend and some friends. I was pretty reluctant on going, but it turned out to be fun (and actually worthwhile).

Bowling is for losers and lamers only !
REAL men fight in duels , MAN against MAN , until one is DEAD !

FYSBT - AMF Casselberry - September 11/12
(as of at 2 PM, this is current. I have some errand and other stuff to run before I'll be able to get back tonight..i'll forward on changes if there are any. -- bill n.) -=-=-=-=-...

From Clari.sport.bowling - Political Bowling!!
NEW YORK, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Democrats and Republicans around the country will take their partisan sentiments to the bowling alley for the first Bowl-Off between "Team Red" and "Team Blue."

Something interesting
Y'all oughta check out the Sept. 2004 issue of "New Scientist". ON page 12, there's an amusing article relating to bowling. You might find this article at their web site, www.newscientist....

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