Wanted: YABA Coaching Emblems.
I am looking for USA Junior Olympic Bowling Level I & Level II emblems for my coaching shirts. According to USA Bowling, they don't make them anymore. If anyone had any they are not us...

American contact....
Hello people! Firstly, havn't been able to get much of a look into ASB recently - been a bit busy - so hope all you regulars are keeping well, and maybe more importantly, bowling well! :) <...

I just saw this on the stormbowling site. http://stormpro.stormbowling.com/ Just wondering if anyone here has tried this. I'm sure it can't compare to a real-time coach but...

Corporate Owned Bowling Centers - How do you like them?
Anyone bowl at a Corporate owned bowling center (Brunswick, AMF, etc.) and if you do how do you like it? Do you think it's better or worse then bowling at a privately owned facility? Would...

K&K Glass League meeting AAAAHHHHH!!
Well we had a meeting for the winter mens league. What a load of ...... Just one guy the league sponsor and its- Change the point system!! Change the hdcp system!! Change the ent...

Ten Pin Bowling As Olympic Sport
I know this idea has been around for years and everyone keeps trying to get the IOC to try it.. Whats the hardest thing even as a bowler to know? Lane patterns and which is being ...

AMF 80-30 pinsetters?
Anyone know anything about these, including websites selling parts, etc? I can't find any info at all about them.

composite average
hello all. i have a question concerning composite averages. i am in a league this fall. we have a cap of 1020 based on composite average. my question is this: can summer league average...

Lane Condition and Charts
I know on the PBA and at the Brunswick Master and Weber Cup in the UK they have a computer program which measures the oil patters at a set point of the lane.. What is the computer program...

UK Pro Shops
Hi Folks, I have recently started bowling on a regular basis (having previously just played socially) and decided that I really do need to invest in my own ball (it seems to be po...

Brevard County (Florida) Travel League Schedules 2004-2005
Here goes....note that the Ladies Travel League sets their own schedule. I don't have contact data for them, if someone can fill in the schedule and contact data, it would be appreciated.

Letter in the Bowling Stone
We have another writer in our group. I just received CDE Software's winter edition of Bowling Stone and was interested to find that our own Doug Moye had written a letter telling of his than...

Hi there, I currently am averaging anywhere between 220 and 230, depending on which center Im in, but I can score on most conditions. Money is low and I know I can do well out on...

Sec/Treas Pay Voucher
As the fall season is approaching, I figure I might stop lurking and actually make a post. For any secretary/treasurer out there who has problems with their teams marking their en...

I was discussing this with a friend at the alleys tonight and we couldn't come up with an answer. How did the turkey get it's name? We came up with a few theories: 1) Since it is three in ...

ABC Approves Prebowled 900
AMERICAN BOWLING CONGRESS APPROVES 900 SERIES BY PENNSYLVANIA'S JEFF CAMPBELL II GREENDALE, Wis. - The American Bowling Congress has approved the three-game 900 series rolled June...

new bowling portal
Here: www.bowling4us.com online bowling stats, bowling e-learning, classifieds, pro shop, ...

New ball recommendation
I sorely need a new bowling ball, but I have no idea what to get. I just started bowling again after 13 years, and my old Purple Rhino Pro is just not cutting it on the lanes in my local ho...

Opinions on these purposed league rules
These are the league rules that might be purposed for our leagues coming season. 1.The ________________league is a mixed, handicap league and will be sanctioned with the ABC...

Peterson suggestions?
I'm bowling the Peterson Classic for the first time....any suggestions? I'm going into it expecting anything and everything, so it should be fun regardless.

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Good fantasy PBA site?
Looking for a fantasy PBA site for the upcoming season.

Remaining AZO Equipment for sale on Ebay.com
BuddiesProShop.com is selling their remaining inventory of AZO equipment on Ebay.com All balls have a starting bid of $40.00, and balls like the Fantasy X Reactive Pearl, Tactic S...

Remaining AZO bowling ball for sale on Ebay
The rest of the AZO balls that we have listed, we have added to our Ebay store. All balls are starting at $40.00. http://stores.ebay.com/BuddiesProShop-com-Auctions_W0QQsspagenameZl2...

FYSBT - Lane Glo vs. Hurricane Charlie
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 18:52:34 EDT Subject: Lane Glo Tournament - Hurricane Threats Hi everyone, Mr. Loschetter and I are looking ...

Ladies Classic Tour (LCT) Newsletter #11
A Fresh Approach #11 - Friday August 6, 2004 The official email newsletter of the Ladies Classic Tour, Inc. National Championship Event Very Successful LCT's first National Championshi...

ball reactions question
can anyone compare to the best they can what the difference and ball reactions would be be in comparison to --optyx illusion(15 pd,pin mark is just above fingers holes between them ,pearlize...

Detailed Bowling stats
Does anyone know where I can find detailed bowling stats for the PBA? Stats like spare leaves, percentage of the time such and such a spare is left and the percentage of time it is picked up...

Is this a good deal?
I was having an Ebonite V2 Dry and a Brunswick Eliminator plugged and something went wrong. The plugs took about 2 weeks to dry in one ball and didn't dry in the other ball (still soft at...

Yes, they finally got asb fixed Al Whiteman Executive Director , Portland Bowling Association www.pbabowling.com "Time spent bowling is never deducted from one's life span" <...

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