1980s or 1990s Pba Shows
does anyone have any shows for trade?

Track Rule
Hi, has onyone seen the Track Rule in action.... waiting for comments.. Erik

Water Well Drilling Accidents or near misses
I am in litigation support. I have a project that I hope someone or everyone on this list might be able to help me since you have apparently been involved with water well drilling equipment ...

"Ron C's Magic Carpet" - opinions?
I've been trying this stuff out and I think it's Good Stuff. What do ya'll think about it, if you've heard about it?

Does anyone know if Brunswick makes Twister pins?? ;)
Brunswick Named Official Equipment Supplier for 2005 and 2006 ABC Tournaments -- July 23, 2004 The Brunswick Corp. will return as the capital equipment and lane maintenance provi...

Satellite Beach FL Junior Bowling Tournament - 7/31 and 8/1
(sorry for the late announcement - word just reached me this morning..) details at: http://www.juniortournamentbowlers.com YABA Sanctioned July 31 and...

Ladies Classic Tour (LCT) Newsletter #10
A Fresh Approach #10 - Wednesday July 21, 2004 The official email newsletter of the Ladies Classic Tour, Inc. LCT National Championship Will Have Quality Field At last count, 18 f...

bowling shoes???
right now i have a really worn out pair of dexter sst 5's and for the best part when i got them 2-3 years ago the idea was to have different interchangable heels and soles to match differen...

Food Chain on PTI
Did anybody else see the abuse that Pete Weber (and bowlers in general) got on the "King of the Little People" board? Tony Kornheiser: "not only is he [PDW] not the best bowler in the ...

Baton Rouge
I'm looking forward to Nationals being here in Baton Rouge next year, even though I'm missing out on a road trip. -:) Anyway, I'm hearing that the tournament is on pace for 10,000 team...

luster king vs proshop?????
it's become obvious that in order to keep my ball on line and keep the length on it before it snaps to kill the pocket i constantly(before each league or at the most before every other leagu...

What Newsgroup is this?
Why am I getting so many wacky post in this newsgroup that has absolutely nothing to do with the sport of bowling? Rainy.

Monday Hrmmm of the Week
Does anyone really watch televised Golf and/or Bowling because they enjoy it? I have a theory that both sports are televised as natural sleeping aids for an otherwise unruly, caffeine/m...

What affect does a large hand span have on a bowling ball?
I have started league bowling again after a long layoff. I used my old hard rubber balls last year and realize that the world has changed a lot. I would like to get a new modern ball for thi...

FYSBT - 3 florida bowlers make JOG team...
[from the FYSBT mailing list...] Return-Path: <[email protected]> From: [email protected] Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 22:00:06 EDT Subject: THREE FLORIDA BOWLERS MAKE JOG TEAM! ...

Pro qualifier
Did I miss some posts? No mention whatsoever of the Pro Qualifier? Pretty interesting, I think, all the fairly "big names" that have just retired [and a surprising, I think, number of fair...

technics of bowling
there are many technics of bowling....for instance hook and straight...by your opinion which one is better??

300 Game
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Melbourne, FL, Sunday Sport Shot Challenge starting...
First night of bowling was this evening. 6 PM on Sundays at Harbour Lanes, 1099 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935. (321) 242-bowl ABC/WIBC sanctioned. $10 fees/week. ...

Drilling advise...
I'm looking for some advise on a drilling I was given on my new Columbia Monster SlayR. It has a 1 1/2 pin with about 2.5oz top weight. I'd like the ball to go long and flip. The drilling...

CEZBA Tournament - August 7/8 - Stuart, FL - entry deadline extended.
The Conference of East Zone Bowling Associations 20th annual tournament will be held August 7 and 8 at Stuart Lanes, 1638 S. Federal Highway (U. S. 1) in Stuart, Florida. (center phone numbe...

to :tony smith(balance hole????)
From: "robert -wanda fox" <[email protected]> To: "Tony R Smith" <[email protected]> Subject: Re: needs balance hole???? Date: Sunday, July 11, 2004 10:45 AM...

needs balance hole????
i have a 15 pd ebonite illusion and have advised that in order to get a little more length on the ball a balance hole would help,i have had a couple of balls before that had holes in them ...

Dexter TOC pattern - suggestions?
My 11 week summer league ends next Thursday. The first 10 weeks were PBA patterns A-E twice, and the 11th week is the Dexter TOC shot that's 50 feet of oil. Anyone who's bowled on the Dext...

Make $500,000 a year with Sports!
I'm looking for people who want to make at least $500,000.00 a year. I bet on sports for a living and before you start rolling your eyes, I have a PhD with advanced mathematics being my fie...

Bowlers Needed Philadelphia, Havertown....
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$10,000 1st Place - $2,500 per game* (anyone can enter)
BetOnBowlers (The B.O.B. Tour) is a new idea designed to create lucrative prize funds for competitive bowlers. For more info visit: http://www.betonbowlers.com

WIBC buys PWBA assets....
http://www.bowl.com/bowl/wibc/common/news/record.html?record=8510 (at least I didn't see in the article list on the server here...maybe it just hasn't made it around yet..) ...

Melbourne, FL Women's Bowling Clinic - August 8, 2004
The Florida Women's Bowling Association presents a free Ladies Bowling Clinic on Sunday, August 8, 2004 at Harbour Lanes, (321) 242-2695. Clinic starts at 11 AM. Clinic is h...

Bowlers Needed - Reading, PA & Pottstown PA Areas
Need to fill a 12 team mens league on friday nights. Need 2 individuals & 4 full 5 man teams. Paid out $16.20 per point last year - highest in the house. Roll-off winners last year paid $7...

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