PRO PIN Bowling Balls...???
I've seen these on different ball sights and was wondering if one of you that uses, or has access to, Pro equipment could tell us if these are actually any different from the regular stock b...

Bowling AlleyPool Hall in MA that serves alcohol?
Hi All, Does anyone here know of any places in MA, mainly in the metrowest area, that still serve beerwine at the lanes? Thank you to all who reply!! JB <...

difference between gs-96 and gs-98
Can some one give me an idea on the difference between the Brunswick GS96 and GS98 machines . I see a $1-2K difference in the cost on the used market What do I get for the extra money. ...

proshop oval thumb help
from Tkinter import * import math """ calculates drill press moves needed to drill oval balling ball thumb holes. You need the python language from ...

Sort of OT... Spam artists have ruined it for the business man LOL
I've been thinking a bit recently about getting into website design... My girlfriend and I, as well as some friends, are all into our web design and are pretty good, and amoung about 4 of us...

RG/Early Roll/etc...
Can somebody please explain the benefit of early revs (off the hands) and if I get this from a low RG ball or not. I'm always looking for that perfect ball (like everybody I'm sure) and I m...

Bowling Ball
I am looking to get a new bowling ball but not sure which one. I am looking for a ball that will roll down the lane more and then hook on the backends cause i'm not that big of a guy and the...

ebay ball... problem?
I got an old Blue Hammer Pearl produced by Faball in the early 90's on ebay for about $10 plus shipping. I LOVE IT for broken down lane conditions... However, a guy at a pro shop picked up ...

Check Out
Hey Buddies is running some great specials. Storm Triple X-Factor for $120.00 Storm Fear Factor for $115.00 Hammer Big Blue and Big Blue Spare for $135.00 Hammer Big B...

Columbia300 balls.... is jeff around????
I recently got my first columbia ball since about the Quake and i'm so impressed... my roll has been terrible recently, cant put my finger on why but it just doesnt seem right... I'd drilled...

GNC Sucks dot com --> find out why !!
Find out what thousands have already: GNC SUCKS !! They sell redated products endangering YOUR health all for the sake of lining their pockets with YOUR money. Commission based...

Looking for an old scoresheet graphic
Hello, My family is just starting to bowl on a league and I remember back 25 years ago that the score sheets had these graphics that would show you where your foot would go and wh...

Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch
Todd Bertuzzi finally speaks out candidly regarding Steve Moore sucker punch - a humourous take.... or is it ?? Photo is UN-DOCTORED:

LCT (Ladies Classic Tour) Newsletters
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jim Goodwin [email protected] (972) 722-8885 LCT National Championship Rolls July 30 in Las Vegas The inaugural Ladie...

Roller Bag advice
HI all, I need advice on a two ball roller bag. My old double ball bag is getting tought to lug around anymore and for Father's day I told the wife I'd like to get one of the new...

Bowling League Awards
Hello ! All 250 bowling mousepads were a big hit ! Everyone loved them ! In fact, Im so glad you wrote to me because the bowling alley would like to place an order so now I can give...

Lawn Bowls Help - Middleton Cup
I have a very old photograph taken in 1911 of Middlesex, the winners of the John Bull Cup for lawn bowls in England. I understand that the Middleton Cup superseded the John Bull C...

Pipp Care is now 81 & still in Bowling
Still working full time @ the3 Bowlplex Bowl in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK She is there 10 am till 6 pm Tuesdays till Friday Former GB player in 1960's Love to met h...

Question to those here bowling at a modern Brunswick center...
One of the centers I bowl at is a Brunswick center. They just got done doing an upgrade to the new hanging 36" monitors with the staggered team tables (keypads only on each table, no scori...

More Time To Bowl
I love to play sports. But it seems I never have as much time as I want to play. But a friend of mine showed me this the other day, and I was amazed at how easy it was. Check it out. Just wa...

OT Liquor licenses/pool hall
::delurks:: Hey all, I figure since someone you might be familiar with the costs of operating a bar with in a bowling ally, perhaps you could give me a bit of information

Bowling with U-235 balls !
This is fun!

New Bowling Center
Hello there. My business partner and I are going to build a bowling center in Michigan. We have a few possible locations that we are looking at, both very near each other, and would like t...

FYSBT - AMF Lakeland Final Results
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 22:57:44 EDT Subject: Final Results - AMF Lakeland Loschetter Tourn. FINAL RESULTS AMF LAKELAND JUNE 12 & 13,...

Help choosing an upgrade ball
I have a Black Rhino with conventional grip, but I want to move to a fingertip grip. I throw a slight to medium hook standing on the right side of the lane and throwing straight...

Spot League
As far as I know DC West has the only Sport Condition League in the Metroplex. In addition, the EBT uses Sport patterns on a lot of their weekly tournaments. Tournament/League Di...

Newbie with bowling ball question
I am just starting to bowl and am doing it for fun and some excercise. I joined a senior league, bowled 3 times and need advice about the ball. I am 65 and have done pretty ...

Sport Bowling in DFW area
Anybody know of any sport bowling leagues this summer in the DFW area? I've combed the DBA website as well as several bowling establishments sites and haven't found anything. I though...

Sorry to be Away
I went to the Bank and asked to borrow $25,000 to put a new double-wide mobile home on a cleared lot and they approved it so I am currently living in a Motel while the move is happening.

Advertising for a league
Ok. I'm looking for suggestions here. I'm working on a web site for the league. I'm trying to get some other ideas so that I can build this league back up to 10 or 12 teams. He...

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