New bowler - new lanes
I have been bowling for about 9 months now with an old Colombia yellow dot that I picked up from a flea market and had plugged and re-drilled in a conventional grip. I have been doing ok wit...

Oops! Its not its Sorry.

Anybody interested in coaching, I had good luck going to and looking at their "find a coach." All their coaches have some sort of certification. I picked a silver...

the sling blade not 'hi performance'
I was going to buy this ball as i need to drop down to 15lbs I like the bright color which is important to me. And it appears to have enough hook potential for me. It's 160 at the prosh...

Quietened down a bit...
Notice how ASB sort of quietens down around this time of year..? It's almost as though people dont still have work to skive from :P Ryan

My ball seems "dead"
I have a Black Rhino, which I have had for about 7 or 8 years or so. Anyway, last night I was getting absolutely ZERO pin action on my throws. It was as if the ball didn't it the pins, th...

Summer Seminar at Boardwalk Bowl in Orlando
Several dates/times available in June, July and August. Kendra Gaines, Carol Norman, Ken Webber and Pat Costello will be instructing. Contact 'em directly at (407) 384-0003. ...

sport bowling after 2 weeks
well last week was horrible I bowled 6 games for my college class and had to bowl 4 more thta night thats alot for me. I did a 129 avg with 116 and 136 being the high and low. tonight howev...

And I always thoguht too much bowling...
... would cause me an injury.... Didn't bowl for a week, then played for 2 hours (monday) and my hand felt paralised.. bowled league tonight, just 3 games, and am in agony just typing ...

"Bowl America on a roll"
Bowl America on a roll Bowl America Inc. Chief Executive Les Goldberg has a reputation as a frugal money manager. at

adjustable glove
has anyone used the type glove that allows one to affect his wrist position? I have always been a straight wrist bowler , no glove, averaging 200-207. the last five weeks , due to an unusual...

WTF flare??
Ok, anyone know alot about flareing and want to hazzard a quess as to wtf is going on here?? The piece of tape starts around the pap, migrate...

Expert Advice Needed
I am a better than average bowler and can generrally hit the pocket area 90 percent of the time. Yet, after a lot of self-analysis, I have found that I score best when I am throwing the ball...

Boxers, Thongs, and Beer Steins
Get a pair of boxers that directs your bitch to "Put lips here." You can imagine where the arrow points. Hell yeah! Get your favorite whore a sweet thong that begs "Put dick here."

US Open telecast
For those who didn't know(I just stumbled across it) the telecast is starting on ESPN - 8pm eastern Eldred -- Screamers League IICC ...

I watched "Troy" tonight...
I didn't know Patrick Healey was an actor. He did a good job playing the eldest son guy who fights Achilles.

FYSBT - AMF Lakeland - June 12/13, 2004
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 03:58:14 EDT Subject: Upcoming AMF Lakeland Tournament - June 12-13, 2004 Here is the info for the upcoming tournament ...

Ball selection for wife..
My wife wants to get a ball now that I have been talking into bowling again. She throws a straight ball and isn't interested in a hook.. Yet. SO basically a beginners ball. Thanks. Fo...

new web site for Exercise Friends
Hi all... I am the web master for It is much like a except for fitness minded people. If anyone has a free moment.. could you check out the site a...

FYSBT - JOG Shirt Order
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 18:39:56 EDT Subject: JOG Shirt Order Hi everyone! We had a great tournament this weekend in Deland. We had...

FYSBT - Results - Sunshine Lanes, Deland - May 15/16
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 21:27:32 EDT Subject: Final Results - Loschetter FYSBT-Sunshine Lanes - May 15-16, 2004 Below are the results fro...

Deming, NM Bowling
Anyone know what happened to the Bowling Center in Deming, NM?

Kansas State Tournament
Does anyone know where the results are for this years tournament. They are not being updated on I was wondering if someone else would be putting it on a different website....

Completely off subject... but damn it I feel like tellin' ya about
My game of choice, next to bowling, is golf these days. Unfortunately, I golfed pretty badly when I golfed with Kelly Mitchell last Christmas... but I have been playing every weekend and f...

Ball selection help please
I am trying to find my brother a good ball. He is what I would call a power player. He likes to throw a lot of revs and high speed. The hoouses around here vary between medium oil and slick ...

No bowling for a whole week
This comming week will be probably my first week with no bowling for probably 5 years... I'm going to the Ukraine with our bowlers playing in the European Gold Cup (including Dave who posts ...

Boxers, Thongs and Beer Steins
Get a pair of boxers that directs your bitch to "Put lips here." You can imagine where the arrow points. Hell yeah! Get your favorite whore a sweet thong that begs "Put dick here."

re: North Carolina fees
Oooops, no fight Doug.....thanks for the correction. I don't think I'm dyslexic, but I am left-handed and seem to twist things around on occasion. I'm wondering if women's national is $7.00 ...

A tale of 3 balls
Have been working with 3 new balls since the winter season ended, A Top Fuel, Apocalypse and X Factor. All three work well on medium oil, carry well from all angles, but the Top Fuel sends m...

What's the cost of league bowling where you live???
By this I mean what you pay per game on league night. I pay $2.35 a game at one house (very forgiving house shot) and $3.00 at another house (tougher shot), both in rural Illinois, 90 ...

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