Melbourne, FL, new sport shot league starting
$8/week, bowl 4 games in singles scratch competition, started tonight. Sundays at 6 PM at Harbour Lanes in Melbourne, Florida.

OHIO State tourney question
this is going to be my first state tourney I have ever been in. Im going in with a 134 avg (currently have not boled under 500 for the past 6 league nights 506-578 is my range) I...

Dropping The Ball
I have had several observers tell me that I am dropping the ball a lot and sometimes the ball is hitting on the approach side of the foul line. Is my ball too heavy, 16 lbs? I must admit tha...

Pete Weber
Does anyone know Pete Webers e-mail address or where I can write to him or his press agent? Thanks! -- Sincerely yours, Ron Wilbanks ...

Andy Varipapa on TCM
Did anyone catch the short one reel film today around 2:30 eastern called "Strikes & Spares" with Andy Varipapa on Turner Classic Movies? Talk about some great trick-shot bowling and vinta...

PBA Best Of 7 ?
I haven't been to a PBA tourn. where they take the best of 7 games to advance. Should have gone last week at Don Carter in Dallas. Do the players move pairs after each game? If so, do they...

Results of February UBA tournament at Satellite Beach Lanes, Sat Bch Fl
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 17:28:03 EST Subject: Results of the February UBA The February UBA was a great success. With 691 entries in the h...

What to do?
I'm back in a league after a 20 year hiatus and am having a ball issue, I think. This is a different game than it was in '83. I'm using a Brunswick Monster Bruiser drilled for lots of backen...

Secretarial record keeping software for a Mac
I am looking for secretarial record keeping software that runs on a Macintosh. I would appreciate any leads that anyone here might have to point me in the right direction. -- <...

new shoes
I have been a bowler for about 13 years. I pretty much just do it for fun. But winning is GREAT. About 2 years ago I bought a new pair of shoes and just decided to get them out and try to "b...

finess it
Anybody know where to find the article on polishing a ball with finess it. Thanks

Columbia 300 Rock-on
ok, I recently picked up a Rock-on used for short $$, its a 14lb, which is lighter than I've ever thrown b4. My other balls, a 4d HPT (16lb) and Rhino Pro Gold(15lb) I throw probly 16-18 mph...

Slide Sock ?
Do the Slide Socks work? If so, who makes a good one. I stick once and I'm gone for the night. Thanks.

Fingertip Grip versus Semi Fingertip Grip
I understand that the main reason for using a fingertip grip is to maximize rotation and pin action. Does anyone use a semi fingertip grip? Why did you choose semi and not full? Just curious...

Bracket money management
Again, looking forward to the ABC tournament... There are $10 and $5 brackets. If you have a fixed amount of money to spend on brackets, and you won't come close to the ABC limit of h...

? about online store
Buddies Pro Shop... can I trust them? mhood

ABC Nationals Virtual Challenge
Before you travel to Reno this year, check out the new ABC Virtual Challenge at Handicap and Scratch Divisions Available Guarantees: $500 1... allows you to utilize your weekly league scores towards a Handicap or Scratch Tournament. Already over $150,000 has been paid out. Currently, the Accumulative sidepot ...

BTM website info
At Jim King has reprinted his spare shooting articles. Go to the forum, look under the "Fundamentals" heading. The info is under "The Frustrations of bowling." ...

A lot of bowlers seem to have their balls sanded from time to time. So, when I asked the pro shop guy, he said that it won't really help on flooded conditions. Isn't it worth a try for me to...

Storm Core Power LRG Limited Edition
Anyone have a NIB 15# for sale? If good pricing, two? No blems or seconds. vjo

The pattern for Nationals is available at save your effort, the condition reacts nothing like you would expect from looking at the graph. The backends ar...

Question about ball...
Haven't been keeping up with the new technology lately but I was wondering what bowling ball, by design, is meant to have the sharpest breakpoint? i.e. turn over the hardest once it gets out...

Raging Inferno.
Hi guys, I would like to read your opinons about the ball in subject..... Is that a pretty good oiler? Because I'm shooting right now with this ball and I have a good feeling but...

V2 Clean
Anyone have it? I'm looking to replace my C300 Sport Ball with something that will sit between my V2 Strong and V2 Dry and have less snap than my X Factor. Thanks, mhood <...

Decendents of John Jowdy
Hello group: I've recently read Jowdy's "Bowling Execution" and must say that I really enjoyed it. I would really like to find some old PBA tapes (or any videos for that matter...

good news/bad news update
The orthopedist confiscated my cast yesterday. He wanted the sling but I talked him into letting me keep it for a security blanket (i.e. if I think I need it). He did say that where the mu...

New Ball Advice
I'm a decent bowler, average 200ish. Is there any ball out there that will help me pull my head out of my arse? ;-D Chuck McGowan

Back pain normal?
Is it normal to develop continuous pains in the lower back left side when bowling 3-5 times/week, 1-2 hours at a time? Or should i look elsewhere for the cause? Regards Lind...

Prophetic posting here awhile back
I was noodling around Google Groups for postings on the Arcade Lanes in University City, Missouri outside St. Louis and found this:

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