Sanctioning vs. Non-Sanctioning
Are you interesting in helping me? I am beginning to research a potential article for Bowlers Journal Magazine. I am seeking league bowlers who are willing to discuss the pros and ...

AOL Mail - Internet Invitational.
I tried sending my Internet Invitational update, but AOL rejected my E-mail address. Here is my scores and the error message below. Scores: 200 - 162 - 191 = 553.

1980s pba
hello looking for some 1980s pba shows, i have shows from 70s to now to trade

Work bowling
Ever go bowling woth friends outa work?! ok so i was out on an evening out with friends from work and we went bowling befote hitting the pubs. Obviously i won, but does anyone else get the...

In search of league bowlers -- Sanctioned or Non-Sanctioned
I am beginning to research a potential article for Bowlers Journal Magazine. I am seeking league bowlers who are willing to discuss the pros and cons of sanctioning with the Ameri...

Warp Zone pricing?
I have decided on the 16# Warp Zone for my next ball. Anyone have a lowest price location? I see it on ebay for $84.95 pay now, plus $20 shipping. Can anyone beat that? Thanks....

Any recommendations for a first ball?
I've been bowling in a league for a few years, now, and I've decided I need to go ahead and pony up for a ball of my own. I typically throw a 13 lb house ball (usually a columbia 300 of som...

Castaways formerly Showboat Closed
700 workers and hotel guests were given the boot today. No word yet on if anyone will take it over. Just learned of this tonight on my local news here in Vegas. KC

9 pin no tap tournament
I will try my luck in a 9 pin no tap tournament soon but have a question. I understand that a strike of course counts as a strike and that a 9 count on the first ball counts for a strike. Bu...

Let's Bowl Dresses
Hey check out eBay. The Comedy Central show Let's Bowl is selling the dresses that the sexy "Queen Pin" girl wore!! I have also seen posters and autographed pins for sale!

Disney Visiballs in the UK
Does anyone know where i could picj up a Disney Vis-A-ball in the UK - in particular a Winney the Poo ball? From what I understand, they are not liscenced for sale by Disney out s...

Absent Score
I have to miss a week of my league. I've noticed that they give you and absentee score. Does this score figure into your overall average/games bowled? Or is it just for handicap purposes and...

What Happens When the Span is increased?
I am interested in increasing the length of my span. I currently use a finger tip drilled ball and would like to stretch my fingers out more in a grip. I am interested if every thing else...

Erase It PBT
I am looking for a new Storm Erase It PBT 14 pound, pin out 2-2.5" top weight 2 oz. Anyone have one? Bill Terry

Lane interference?
On Monday night, the guy bowling on lane 37 already threw his ball, waited at the foul line to see what he knocked down, got a strike and celebrated on half of my lane, lane 36. I had to man...

Blue Hammer Roborn
Hey folks, I have a blue hammer that I've used for over 10 years which has never been cleaned, polished, sanded, resurfaced etc. Is there something that I can do to such an old ball to get ...

Make Money Fast $$$, This is Not a Joke! Make up to $20,000 quickly and safely
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NEWS: 83 year old throws 800+ !!!
GREEN BAY, Wis. - An 83-year-old man threw 30 of a possible 36 strikes to become the oldest man in the United States to bowl an 800-plus series. Fran Lasee, of De Pe...

Full Throttle review
I was pleased to find this ball at my doorstep when I got back from the Masters (actually, in my living room, as my brother brought it inside). The pin was 1" out and it had 2 3/4 top weight...

Span measurement?
Something I've thought about but never asked... Where do you measure when stating the span dimensions? From the top edge of the thumb to the bottom edge of the finger holes or grips if ...

bowling ball selection
It finally happend. My wife agreed to let me get a new bowling ball for my birthday. She didn't know why I would need a new one, since that last one was only two years old. She couldn't i...

Finally a good game!!
Had the best game of the year last night... 226 5 strikes then an open =( then strike spare strike etc... Finally!!!! My average is 146... whoohooo!!

I will copy your PBA VHS to DVD for FREE!
I am trying to add to my collection of PBA shows. I am also playing with my new DVD recorder. If you have any PBA shows on VHS from the 70's all the way up through 2002, I would sure like to...

Make Money Fast $$$
BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER CHECK OUT THE PROFILE FOR : [email protected] and see what he has made and bought from his profits. Follow the directions below and in two weeks y...

Ohman leaving the PBA Tour?
So anders Ohman has left the PBA tour...?? Anyone know any details?? I was so pleased to see some europenas hitting the tour, and I think Anders is such an excellent bowler! I heard he ha...

Matching Balls to PBA lane conditions
I didn't know until recently that it is known ahead of time which pattern will be used in PBA regionals from week to week. If this is true, which types of balls should I shop for to make sur...

Smoke free center
Does anyone know of an Internet link to smoke free bowling centers?

Old bowler...New Ball
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0040_01C3E2AB.61DD8BA0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

WANTED: 15 lb red fuze.
anybody have a 15 lb red fuze for sale? Cant find one anywhere. thanks Jamie

1996 US Open
Looking for a copy of the 1996 US Open (won by Dave Husted). I have plenty of bowling tapes to trade. Help!

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