Re: tommy, who wants their child to be a thief
Dear Judges, Lawyers, Policemen, Guards, Counselors, Taxpayers, et. al., We are here. Like it or not, for good or bad, we are here. Who are we? We are the downtrodden and dispossese...

Great Bowling Pin Lamp on Ebay
Here's the link

I am not an experienced bowler, I've bowled 2 leagues(past 3 years) and had bowled 10 years ago in high school league. I started out this year bowling 160-190. Lately though, I have fallen...

new challenges to lane conditions
I've bowled for a while now, thoroughly enjoy the sport, don't get bunged up about poor performance on my part (knowing the three constants of flat lane, round ball, ten at the pit never cha...

I got down to Babylon Lanes around 5 PM (Eastern Time) and the B Squad was starting practice for the 9 game qualifier. It cost $10 to get in and no picture taking. I had missed the A Squ...

Easiest Lanes ever - on purpose - by "THE" lanemen...
Has anyone else heard about this tournament Kegal are running? From what I hear, they intend putting down THE easiest condition ever dreamt up, with the intention of seeing if any 5 man tea...

Jacksonville FL Scratch Tournament
FYI an event I received a flyer on BOWL AMERICA ORANGE PARK 15 Game "Scratch" Marathon Entry fee is @ 125.00 per person if paid before tourname...

"Used" BJ magazines
I have about one hundred older BJ magazines...from the 1970's to early.mid 90's. They make fun reading, everything from the articles to some of the ads, particlarly knowing how the history o...

1st Santa Claus Open at AMF Clearwater Lanes - 12/27 and 12/28.
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 20:04:33 EST Subject: 1st Open Santa Claus Tournament at AMF Clearwater Lanes Hi FYSBT Bowlers: Jillian Pavl...

FYSBT - Final Results - AMF Casselberry - November 22/23
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 19:54:22 EST Subject: Final Results - Loschetter FYSBT - November 22-23, 2003 - AMF Casselberry Lanes Below are th...

Sport Condition
The PBA Tour has introduced a new oil pattern called sport condition. What exactly is this? and how is it different from oil patterns. Rainy Iannucci

Axis marker
Ineed to put an axis marker (tape) on my ball. How can i find the proper place to put the tape? The reason I need to do this is so I can tell what my ball is doing as it enters the pocket (s...

PBA GEICO Open (Practice Session)
After spending 6 hours watching the worlds best bowlers at Babylon Lanes I can only say that it was hard to resist picking up a ball and joining them. But, they wouldn't let me in the set...

Bowling Shoes
Hi, I have some questions because i want to buy my first new bowling shoes. Want to spend under 70$. What is ihe best choice? Dexter SST1, Dexter Competitor or mayby NXT1

Michael Jackson and how he can save bowling
He may be a child molestor but bowlers should take the message of his song "Man in the Mirror" to heart. Bowlers: Lose the cigarettes and beer gut. Tuck in the shirt. Get your GED and a j...

Looking for bowling videos from ESPN in DIVX/AVI etc.
Hi I live in germany and here is no bowling in TV:-( Is there a chance to record pba bowling from ESPN and make it public in the net? Plz help me! thx Jos

European Community project about tourism and sport
Take a look at this site about an EC project, if you want: Tourism and Sports year-round: a new chance for a better competition and an alternative of Sustainable Tour...

contender 2?
at least the Track Crunch time looks like it could be...

HELP- I'm a 'full roller' - what's that?
My pro-shop guy said that from the way I throw the ball, I'm a 'full-roller'. He said it's the way I throw the ball, and is quite unusual. He said he had to drill the ball with a higher pi...

Leinster Open
Decent sized tournament i played this weekend - came 2nd. Leinster is a province in the republic of Ireland, as in Connaught <sp>, in who's open I also came second :-P I think i'm go...

South Brevard Women's Bowling Association book sale
At the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Viera (intersection of I-95 and Wickham Road), December 5-6-7. Fund raiser for SBWBA (sponsors of this year's Florida State Women's Tournament and t...

Advanced Bowling Camp for Juniors - Melbourne, FL, December 19-22
Advanced bowling tips and instruction. Brunswick's Advanced Camp. Returning members $79.99 New members $89.99 Four 1/2 day sessions, December 19 to 22, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. <...

PBA Today
We watched PBA on TV today and the matches were great. Everyone at our bowling center really enjoyed the new TV's installed just for sporting events. It looked like the sport shot got burned...

Ebonite Optyx Illusion/ Santa Cruz Tournament
I just bought my wife one of these. She used it for the first time in this week's league; she bowled a 595 series in a house where her average is in the 130's. Needless to say, she is a ...

pba telecast replays?
I know that last year I saw some of the pba events telecast in a shortened format later in the week. Is that happening this year? I haven't been able to find it? any help greatly appreciat...

Storm Fear Factor
Hello NG I bought this ball today. Now it's time to drill. What Layout do ya prefer? I play only on synthetic lanes. Most medium to heavy oil. I am not a cranker but for sure not ...

BETTER THAN VIAGRA, safe and FREE! / 11.20.2003 16:32 /
BETTER THAN VIAGRA, safe and FREE! / 11.20.2003 16:32 / Strengthen your erections like a length of steel pipe, have ROCK HARD, THROBBING ERECTIONS that will last ALL NIGHT ...

Original Faball Blue Hammer 15#
How much would a pristine, undrilled Fab Blue Hammer 15# fetch in the open market or eBay? vj osborne

299 Has it happended to you?
I could have handled a 10, 7 or maybe a high 4. Arrrgh! Why a eight pin. Anybody seen a 299 eight pin? The good news is that it still gives me the opportunity to look forward to my fi...

in UK / LDN mind control expert 4 consistency - better averages & big scores
In UK ?? Mind Control Expert 4 All Sports Professionals call/sms/txt 0798 622 4283 answerphone/fax 0709 212 3548 programmes 4 human bio computer long, me...

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