Worked up a template for MS Excel
Well, after much research in how scores and averages are calculated for leagues, I've finally came up with a MS Excel spreadsheet for tracking my teams progress. I've also created a template...

Subject: Looking for Widcat 12 lb Ball
From: Kevin ([email protected]) Subject: Looking for Widcat 12 lb Ball Hello, I am new to this newsgroup so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I am looki...

Looking for Widcat 12 lb Ball
Hello, I am new to this newsgroup so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I am looking 12 lb Ebonite Wildcat. I have had no luck on finding a website with used equipment for...

O.T. Sport Psychology
Hi, I am Marina Gerin Birsa, an Italian sport psychologist: visit my site . If you know Italian language visit the site , there are...

ebonite preditor jungle green
any input on the preditor. am thinking about buying one. Am told that it is a good ball. Lee

Newbie needs help
Hi all. Ive been bowling at the local centre a dozen times now and am getting quite hooked, thinking iof making it a regular thing. I was wondering if there is anyone from the UK here that c...

For Bowling Centers without Mechanics
Dial-a-Tech Pinsetter Services is the fastest growing, privately owned, Field Technical Service in the South. Many bowling centers with 20 lanes or less, have no head-mechanic with the ...

Week 3 Standings - FREE Fantasy Pro Bowling
Week 3 Standings - Fantasy Pro Bowling This was one of the closest weeks in Fantasy Pro Bowling's short history. With most people picking the same players (Barnes, Duke, Walter Ray, Jones an...

Statistics Question
After searching the PBA site and realizing that their stats aren't as complete as I'd like, I'd like to know if there is a site that has detailed bowling statistics. Like strike percentage, ...

anyone ever make their own ball spinner?
Hey folks. Just wondering if anyone has made their own homemade ball spinner? I am incredibly cheap and will not spend 300USD for a spinner that I will use probably 20 time...

Fear Factor Reactive?
Has anyone used the Fear Factor ball in very heavy oil? What was your experience? Someone told me that the Fear Factor ball is the best in heavy oil. Any other opinions out there? EJM

rhino pro info please??
can anyone tell me a little about the rhino pro (steel) edition ball,it is a gray in color? thanks

Las Vegas Bowlers
Are there any Las Vegas bowlers out there? I would like to join a sanctioned adult league even though the season has already started. Preferably Sams Town, Sunset Lanes or Castaways. Let me ...

Sorry Jeff.....
but.... Yankees lose.....thhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh YANKEES LOSE!!!!!!! -David (even the NY Rangers won tonight...all is currently right with the world) "What's ...

Josh Beckett for President !!

Proper type of grip
Thanks for the support. Well, I should start out by saying that I am a two-fingered bowler, only using my thumb for spares. I used to use a conventional grip and avereaged about 210, a long,...

Giving It A second Try
Hello, my name is Elliott and about 20 years ago I was a pretty good bowler. Well, due to my weight problem I gave it up. I am hoping to lose 100 pounds in the next 12-18 months and get back...

My 10 year old beat me.
My daughter and I bowl in a league. She is 10. Last night she bowled a 141 and a 143 scratch and beat me in 2 out of three games. She also got a turkey! This was fantastic since her aver...

Doc's Magic
Has anyone used Doc's Magic Elixir? If so, how about some feedback. Thanks

on a roll!!
i bowled tuesday night and shot 222, 216, 268 for a706 wed night shot 189, 243, 277 for a 709 first ever back to back 700s for me!!!

FYSBT - Results - Countryside Lanes - October 18/19, 2003
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Subject: Results - Countryside Lanes - Oct. 18-19, 2003 Here are the final results from this weekend's tournament: FINAL RESULTS <...

Mack Joins PBA
from PBA News Tim Mack Joins PBA Vernon Hills, IL - October 22, 2003 Tim Mack, coming off a gold medal performance with Team USA in Kuala Lumpur in

Dead Ball
Last night in a league the following occurred: Bowler was in mid-approach. Lane machine shut down (lights went off). Bowler threw an 8-split. Machines got turned back on.

Two For The Rule Gurus
Hi guys :) Two questions: 1. If a bowler delivers the ball at the rack and the rack is missing a single pin, is the shot declared a dead ball because a pin was missing from... Free Fantasy Pro Bowling WEEK 2 STANDINGS
Hello again everyone - As you can see, the scores were a bit higher this week, but that's usually what happens when you get two superstars like Norm Duke and Chris Barnes making the TV show....

FSCBA In-League Tournament current standings...

Arm Exercises..
What arm exercises should i be doing to strengthen my lobbing(er..bowling :) ) arm? Curls? Anything else? Thanks, jody

8 pin no-tap a little too easy
anyone ever do a fun 8pin no tap? i joined a league w/ the local animal shelter it's 8 pin no tap..and i normally avg 180's and i feel like i don't even have to aim. anyone ever ...

14th Annual Landen Tournament - held in Orlando
details and entry form at:

Norm Duke & AMF.
I see Norm Duke was wearing an AMF shirt and using an AMF Triumph ball. Is Norm Duke on the AMF staff again? Does AMF have a "staff" again this year? AMF has been one of the slackers when it...

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