Columbia Scout Reactive - Bowling Newcomer Questions
I am fairly new to bowling and just bought a Columbia Scout Reactive last night. Since I want to begin throwing a hook, I decided to get the fingertip grip. I bowled with the ball this...

Thumb sticking/swelling
Hey all, I haven't had a problem with thumb swelling until tonight. It was really embarassing, I couldn't even bowl. I went up to throw and my ball stuck like glue to my hand and ...

Review: Columbia Spirit II
I didn't really know what to expect from this release, as I had never thrown the original Spirit (heard good things about it, though). From the look of the core and the location on the aggr...

Just have to embarass myself publicly
First night of league tonight..,5 man mens... pretty compeitive league........ I am league president.... 215 average last season and bowling anchor for my team... shoot 289 the last game for...

Anybody get the pba strikepass? Looking at the sample, its not very clear. I just wonder if the real thing is any better.

FYSBT - September 13/14 at Boardwalk Bowl in Orlando
[bellsouth news servers otl...] Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 20:23:00 EDT Subject: FYSBT Loschetter Tournament - Boardwalk Bowl - Sept. 13-14, 2003 ...

Flooring the winter leagues....
so how's it going for everyone? My monday night league is back about the same (had some folks we expected to add not show, so we have to figure out what happened there...), but the

Newbie Question For The Group
Hello, all. I have been bowling for many years and have one question regarding ball track type(Full Roller, Semi-Roller, Semi-Spinner, Spinner, etc)Is the ball track type determined by the o...

Ball maintenance?
There are some interesting posts on the new forum on the BTM webisite regarding ball maintenance. Click on, then forums, then ball maintenance.

Bowling Tips - To Improve Your Game and Scores!
Check out bowling tips website to improve your games and scores for the winter league season: Disclaimer: This site for for tweener league bowlers ...

El Nino Premier
Has anyone seen, heard off or have one of these balls?! If anyone could send me a picture / details that would be lovely, Thanks! Ryan

Make Bowling Spreadsheet to figure Averages
Hi, I am a secretary of our new bowling league and although the bowling alley keeps track of the records, I would like to set up a bowling sheet to monitor all the bowling scores for ...

Ebonite Power House System
Anybody tried the new "soak your ball 24 hour and bring back the hook" system Ebonite is touting?? I guess you soak it in that chamber for 24 hours??? Would like to know if they ...

My fingertip grip inserts keep coming loose
Hello all, I am having this recurring problem where my rubber grip inserts keep coming loose. I've only had my ball for about 2 months but these grips have come loose like 4 times...

The New PBA (from
I came a little late to the discussion earlier (mostly between George and Jeff) about the new PBA. Here's all the info regarding the "new" PBA straight from the source: Exempt To...

FYSBT - Final Results - Lane Glo, August 9/10
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 20:56:17 EDT Subject: Final Results - Loschetter FYSBT Tourn. Lane Glo - Aug. 9-10, 2003 Below are the top five winners...

Reading & Pottstown, PA Bowlers needed
Looking to fill leagues. Friday night 6:20 PM (practice). Men's League - 5 Man team, handicap 90% team difference, with possible change in the works.. Right now looking to fill 3 teams, and...

Board of Directors voting
Here's a question. One of the team captains could not attend the annual meeting, and could not find another team member to attend in his place. He then asked one of the other captain...

FJBT - August 2003 Florida Junior Bowlers Tour tournament
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Florida Junior Bowlers Tour - AUGUST 2003 TOURNAMENT (Y.A.B.A. Sanction Number - 501 Comprehensive) Tournament Dates: ...

Phenom Vs. Throttle
I was wondering if anyone has thrown these balls and how they react on a long oil pattern?

PowerHouse Hook Again Treatment Chamber
Has anyone used the Ebonite, Powerhouse Hook Again Treatment Chamber? If so, how does it work and does it work? BTY, I found it at

FYSBT - Tournament of Champions Results
(I have no idea what the purple fingernail polish is all about -- Bill N.) Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 21:43:30 EDT Subject: TOC Results - Su...

PWBA Cancels Fall Swing
While it's not the actual dissolution of the entire tour, it hardly seems like there's much difference. August 11, 2003 ...

"A Day with Randy Pedersen"
Shore Lanes Bowling Center (Merritt Island, Florida) and Storm Bowling are proud to present "A Day with Randy Pedersen"! Sign up now for an instructional and bowling ball clinic with the PBA...

Wrist support??
I'm 53 years old and just getting back into bowling after 25 years. When I was younger I used to throw a fingertip ball and now I'm throwing a conventional grip. Needless to say, I'm sore....

Bowling Shoes Question
Went to and found what seems like a good-looking pair of shoes -- they appear to be a best seller for them too: My q...

Bracket software....
Any one have any recommendations? What do you hate or like about yours? One center has Q-Brac (CDE's version of T-brac for Qubica scoring systems), so we have some experience with that...

PWBA Postpones Decision
After a day of holding collective breaths, the following showed up in my mailbox late tonight. Let's just hope it's a real buyer and not a looky loo. MEDIA ADVISORY T...

Looking for nude bowlers
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Bowling Alley Crayon
Trust need these. -- John O reply email is anti-spammed --

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