Can anyone help me pick out a ball for very oily lane. Any suggestions?

????? about ball??
i use a columbia power torq and love the ball,i am looking for something new and can anybody tell me in todays new balls what would be close to the type of roll and reaction to this ball,i a...

Florida HS Bowling - FHSAA Seeks host sites for finals
FHSAA seeks prospective host sites for Inaugural FHSAA Bowling Finals The FHSAA Office is now seeking prospective host sites for the Inaugural FHSAA Bowling Finals state championship t...

FYSBT - Final Results - AMF Bradenton
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sponsoring a pro
Hi, I have the opprotunity to sponsor the local pro, he's going pro on the national tour, and is selling off shares to finace it. Anybody ever done this, and was it worth it?

new ball????
i bowl (and have the best games with my power torq)but i am looking for a new ball also,i bowl around 14 to 16 mph.a moderate hooker and have been using quantum and columbia equipment lately...

pinched nerve?
I took a year off bowling in my return to college. I was bowling 1-2 times a week, but now I have enrolled in summer bowling class at my college that requires Physical Fitness and Welln...

question about practice/league
When I practice by myself I can hit 200+ without too much trouble. I do have some practice games that are 160's. When I play on a league with 4 players per team. I am lucky to hit 160. Why...

[FYSBT] - Final results from FYSBT/AMF Bradenton
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2003 21:01:08 EDT Subject: FINAL RESULTS - LOSCHETTER AMF BRADENTON - JULY 27, 2003 Here are the top 5 in both divisions fro...

Question on hooking w/ house ball
I'm not sure if you understand my question but I'll explain it further. I'm a relative newbie, bowling for several months now. I have been mainly a straight thrower up to now but have tried...

Ball Selection Advice
Howdy. I was wondering if you all could help me out with picking a new ball to fit in my (currently sad) arsenal. I'm looking for something on the aggressive side for medium-oily blend cond...

bracket for masters event
Doug, George, Brad, MD, Angel, Lisa, and any one else that might be able to help. We are holding a Senior Masters tournament, and will have 16 finalists. The only backup copy of both the bra...

rotogrip sd-73
Hi! My name is Sven Tisler and I live in Estonia. I have a question about a rotogrip sd-73. I want to buy this ball because I read that it is so aggressive that it is not allowed on...

[FYSBT] Comfort Inn Reservations
Return-Path: <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 10:59:07 EDT I just received a call from the Host Hotel for this weekend's tournament and they only have a few reservat...

Ebonite in BTM
Intersesting ad/discussion from Ebonite in BTM concerning why reactive balls seem to "die" after very few games -- seemed to be well written -- how true?? Most of us know that all th...

Do bowlers have one arm longer than the other
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new book
I'm pleased to announce the new novel DIVINE INTERVENTION by REMO ROSATI is available ahead of it's official AUG 30th release date at: Be ...

Hammer particles
(sorry if this is a double post, my ISP booted me out and I don't think it went through the first time I tried.) Does anyone know off the top of their head what kind of particles Hamme...

BEC Clinic
There is still room for anyone interesting in bettering their game. Dr. Jeff Briggs, BEC CLinic will be in NYC this Sat and Sunday. Class is 16 hours for $225. For more inf...

ebonite optyx spider
does anyone have this ball and what are your experiences with it

First Bowling Ball - Tough decision
I am new to the sport and have been using either house balls or borrowing a friend's. As of now, I am a straight bowler, but I intend to practice a hook since it is so much more effective. ...

First Bowling Ball - Tough Decision
I am new to the sport and as of now I am using either house balls or borrowing a friend's. I am bowling straight (or at least I try to) right now, but I intend to practice on a hook since i...

AMFCentury Lane Programmer 3.1
Does anyone have this software? I intend on trying to program patterns for our lane machine myself and would like to get familiar with the software and attempt to recreate the World Champs ...

BTM July '03
A very good issue. The article, Lifespan of bowling balls (Part 1), about why balls die is very interesting. If you beg, borrow or steal two issues, this month and next month would be ...

Can't Slide
Bought a pair of Dexter SST6s a couple of months ago. I have the slippiest sole and heel on them and I still can't slide well! Just to be sure I got another set (heel and sole) and it didn...

does everyone call the other side of the pocket this? no matter where you're from?

What Do Ya'll Think of a Challenge League?
I posted earlier about this new Summer league I'm bowling on that is putting out difficult shots for the "fun" of it. Most everyone has seen their averages drop about 30 sticks. The league...

adjusting for a weak 7
I throw a ten board hook. Normally I leave a weak 7 about mid light pocket, on a bad night that weak 7 becomes a weak 7-10 with the 5 pin going behind the 10 and the 4 barely falling in fr...

Span Question
I have been having a problem with the ball "rolling" down my hand from palm to finger-tips just before my release. This caused a lot of strain on my middle finger to grab at release, caus...

Kegel moves into Lake Wales Business Park....
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