29 Sep 2008 08:34:39
Bernie Cosell
US Women's Open

It has been fun having the US Women's Open televised. Quite a contrast
having Bo Burton and Marshall Holman in the booth versus Randy and Rob.
Randy and Rob are certainly getting better, but still not, IMO, in the
league of Bo and Marshall...

The format is a little disappointing, but I understand the tradeoff. By
having things the way they are, we got to see a lot more competitors
bowling [the top 16 places, instead of only the top 4 with the current PBA
format], but it feels wrong to have a title as important as the US Open
decided by one-game matches. Feels like having the golf US Open decided by
one hole or the tennis US Open decided by a single game. Anyone remember
back in the very old days when an entire show would consist of just two
bowlers bowling a three-game set?

The upcoming "Women's Series" should be fun. Seven events and lots of new
faces. In fact, surprisingly few women from the old WPBA made it into the
new series. No Lynda Barnes, no kelly kulik, ... I guess we'll see how it

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