18 Jul 2008 14:40:02
Job Offered - work from home - internet skills helpful - full or part

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Hi Theresa, (and anyone else on the planet who is broke, looking for
work, needs a new job,
and is ready to make a career change!)

Thanks for updating the sisters about me. I noticed in your email
update that you are job hunting. While you are hunting, would you be
interested in a viable very respectable work from home via the web
program? This USA based company is growing like hotcakes. They get
3000 new affiliates daily and they have 8 million affiliates globally.
It's SFI - in biz since 85, online since 98. They are international.

The way I found out about SFI was almost accidental, but probably due
to prayer. My own finances have been in decline, serious decline since
2006 when I took my e-commerce site down (internet burnout) and
started traveling. Well when I finally got here and got the lease set
up for my cabin, I was down to just about nothing. I had to get busy
in a hurry to create some kind of home based internet business (not
building sites for clients - been there, done that) that would put me
on a fast track back to $solvency. I started digging really deep into
the internet to see who was really making money working online - and
what was just scam, (or scum).

It took about a month, with several dead ends before I located a very
reputable company called SFI. SFI stands for Strong Future
International - They were founded in 1985 and although international,
they are a USA based company out of the Nebraska heartland. Just out
of curiosity, I joined SFI as an affiliate, (which took 10 seconds)
just to be able to get in and read their site. I was completely blown
away. There are people with just basic internet skills who started
with SFI a few years ago who are making six figure incomes. This
seemed like an answer to a prayer. And I have been praying about my
financial life for quite a while!

I have been talking online with one of their top young hot shots, a
man named Stone Evans. He started with SFI in 2000. He makes about
$100,000 per year with them. He=92s the one who was the =93washed up
restaurant worker=94 who now earns 6 figures. I joined about a month ago
and now have seven affiliates under me. It's a slow, but steady start,
which is just what my exhausted little spiritual self can handle right
now. I can work at my pace. If you would like to know more go and peek
at the little site I just built to sign up other affiliates. If you
sign up under me, I will be your personal 24-7 mentor and you can work
SFI as a second income stream while you are job hunting. If it takes
off for you, you might not need to job hunt anymore!

Here is the link: http://247cashpaid.homestead.com
As bright of a whip as you are with the internet, I WOULD LOVE to have
you sign up under me. We could build a little team and really rake it
in over the next few years. Oh yeah.... the SFI products are very high
quality. But you can build a small fortune with SFI not even selling
products at all, just marketing a set of web pages online in your
spare time. They give you a free set of these "internet gateway" pages
instantly when you sign up. Their site is also packed with free
training materials, and it's completely free to join. So you can be
flat broke, looking for a job, and in the evening still be building
your SFI trade online. I did not know you were unemployed or I would
have emailed you about this sooner! I have decided that in the next 4
years I going to make my first million with SFI. I actually think I
can do this. What makes it so cool is that you are earning money by
helping other people who need to earn more: the service motive in

Go here and read more: http://247cashpaid.homestead.com

Let me know what you think. I=92m ready to end the gas guzzling commute.
How bout you?