13 Jan 2007 15:52:35
John Lentz
I'm Back!

Okay Folks!!!

I am back after being away for the last 4 months due to ISP problems.

I noticed that nobody missed me, and this NG has picked up quite a bit
since I was gone. Looks like a good many people who left are back. I must
have chased them away. Well now that I am back, you can leave if you wish
not having to put up with me if I am your worst nightmare.

Anyways, as you know I haven't bolwed on a league in quite a long while,
about 3 years. Well, except this last summer I bowled on the Random Scratch
League at AMF-West Allis in West Allis, Wisconsin. I didn't do too bad, in
fact my bowling got better throughout the summer.

But now I haven't picked up a ball in almost 2 months and when I bowled in
the Thanksgiving Sweeper at Alpine Lanes I sucked badly. My 3 game series
was under 500. But then I didn't pick up a ball from Labor Day until
Thanksgiving. I bowled in a 9 pin tap Tourney in Union Grove, WI at Old
Settler's Bowling Center taking 4th in the tourney with a 789 series. But
then it was probably due to the fact I bowled 14 weeks in the summer league
that did it.

I used to Bowl in the Milwaukee Division of the Amateur Bowlers Tour, but
with the lanes set to certain conditions each week resulted in my poor
performance and with my wages cut, I decided to discontinue my involvement
in the ABT. I barely can afford $45 per tourney plus side pots, etc...and
not make the semis???? It just doesn't pay to keep bowling ABT until I can
regain my competiveness. I mean its sad if one doesn't make the weekend cut
for almost 2 years.

Anyways, currently not bowling. But I stopped in for a couple of beers last
month at Alpine Lanes and talked with the owner and operator Llyodd and left
my name and phone number to fill in as a sub.

See how things go this year, I hope I can find the time and money to join at
least a fall/winter league. That also depends upon my parents who are
senior citizens with health problems. Especially my mother as she needs
assistance each day. Therefore it will only be 3 things for the time being
that might hold me back. But I hope to get back to doing 1 to 2 leagues a
year sometime in my future life.

-John Lentz
Muskego, WI.