12 Feb 2007 06:03:01
J.R. Sinclair
FS: 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set

1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set

I have for sale the 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" Premier Edition 100-Card
(Factory-Sealed) Set with Original Box. The set includes Bowling greats:
Earl Anthony, Dick Webber, Marshall Holman, Mark Roth, Nelson Burton Jr,
Wayne Webb, Carmen Salvino, Amelto Monacelli, Pete Webber, Mike Durbin,
Mike Aulby, and many more. The Box states "Official Card of the Professional
Bowling Association Inc."
Price $20. US plus postage

Please include your "postal mailing address" so I can calculate postage
costs to your destination. Thank you