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FS 1956 United Bowling Alley Ball Bowler ,Real Bowling Alley in your

1956 United Bowling Alley Ball Bowler for Sale in Rochester, NY
I know this is a little off topic but I think it is game room related

click on the following links to see pictures and video of this
bowling machine.

link one pictures of the machine

video one


Video two

Video three

The bowling machine you see in the picture and video links is for sale
for the Christmas holidays.This arcade machine is called 1956 United
Bowling Alley. This is a 11 foot small ball bowler. This bowling
machine is just like having a real bowling alley in your home. Six
people can play and it has automatic scoring to keep track of all 6
players scores.

This game went through a full blown restoration. This bowling machine
features all new paint and bowling decals on cabinet of the machine.
All the hardwood was sanded down and re-varnished, A new reproduction
backglass was installed. This is a $250.00 Value and really makes this
machine look brand new. The bowling pins are like new they were sanded
down and repainted white and then new vinyal red numbers were
installed. A new plastic shield was installed in front of the pins,
just like this machine had back in 1956 when the machine was brand
new. Last but not least the machine just went through a complete
mechanical restoration of over 30 hrs in total. All
switches,relays,step-up units and score reels were disassembled and
cleaned, filed, lubed re-gaped and tested.

The machine has over 300 games played on it since the restoration and
it works perfect. Total restoration on this machine is over 60 hours.
If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas, Birthday, Retirement
gift for that special person in your life. This is the ultimate in
home entertainment, it will look great in your you rec-room, game
room, basement or garage

This game is total plug and play nothing needs to be done. I can ship
this anywhere in the USA for around $400.00 right to your front door.
The game comes with two bowling balls. Also included is a DVD on how
to set up your ball bowler, general maintenance tips and information
on your new bowling machine.

Set up of this bowling machine could not be easier.This game comes in
2 pieces one 11 foot lane section and one score reel head. Put the
head on top of the lane section and screw in 2 bolts. There a three
plugs that come up from the lower lane section you plug them into the
back of the score reel head and that's it. Simple plug and play. If
you live with in 40 miles of Rochester, NY, I can deliver and set this
up at your house for a fee of $100.00. I can Ship with NAVL any where
in the USA for around $400.00. If you are with in 200 miles of
Rochester NY, I may be able to deliver and set it up for you for
$250.00, This Bowling machine is for sale for $3500.00.

make sure you view the 35 pictures and 3 short videos of my bowling
machine in action. at the links above. You can reach me at
585-747-0605 ask for Mickey Treat or e-mail me at arcademachines at
gmail dot com

A Word of caution about Ball Bowlers and electromechanical arcade
You can some times find these games in peoples basement's and usually
the game
has been sitting for years with stuff thrown on it or it semi works.
You can spend $1000.00 on a
project game and hope to get it up and running. Some people fix one
only to have several more problems pop up and the game just never
seems to
work right and people give up. There is really only one way to make
sure these type of games
work correctly and that is to go through the entire machine and
restore it mechanically.
On Ball Bowlers this is a 30 to 40 hour process. The entire machines
mechanical parts need to
be taken apart, cleaned lubed, adjusted and put back together. These
machines are very reliable
and work well when they have been totally gone through and restored.
There are a few people
in the USA in Indiana and Chicago,Illinois who do restore Ball
Bowlers. Their prices start
at $4000.00 for full blown restoration like my Ball Bowler and go up
from there.
Then you have to tack on $400.00 to $500.00 dollars in shipping. So if
you always wanted the
best of the best and want a true bowling experience that is plug and
play give me a call and
I will bring you into the world of vintage Ball Bowlers.