24 Oct 2003 20:10:06
Doc's Magic

Has anyone used Doc's Magic Elixir? If so, how about some feedback.


24 Oct 2003 21:15:26
Re: Doc's Magic

FWIW, the guy that came up with this stuff posts over at ballreviews.com and
it appears several folks over there love the stuff. I've not used it

Surface treatments are like most everything else, try it and if it works for
you it's great.


26 Oct 2003 23:08:20
Re: Doc's Magic

>Has anyone used Doc's Magic Elixir? If so, how about some feedback.

I purchased a bottle of it quite a while ago. The stuff is as good as
advertised, really. It keeps all the oil on the surface of the ball, making for
easy wipe downs and keeps the balls from developing a TEC-type death. An added
bonus is that it increases the length and backend, although sometimes that's
not desired of course. Where it really shines though is on dull particles and
resins. These balls soak up oil like sponges, but not with the Elixur on them.
Results are mixed on polished balls, but I've found it still works quite well.
Like another poster mentioned, Doc posts a lot on ballreviews.com, and a ton
of information and feedback is available there. Spending the 15 or whatever on
the Elixur is a great investment IMO. The stuff lasts a long time, and it
saves you from buying new equipment when it dies. Hope this helps some.