08 Jan 2008 08:29:26
Bernie Cosell
Announcers, redux

What a refreshing change!! I thought Rob was very good this week -- kudos
to him! He had informed commentary, appeared to have actually talked to
the bowlers [and reported back real info, rather than just "gee whiz"
stuff], and I didn't see a hint of the "I don't have a clue" stuff. His
calls on some near-splits and such made it clear that he's understanding
how the pins fall [and what happens some times when they don't] and
altogether it was, IMO, a good job. Even the mention of 'Hambone' seemed
to be more in jest than in stupidity... It looks to me like he did his
homework over the break and it really shows!! And Randy was great and
overall it was a treat to listen to and watch... Again, kudos..

As for the tournament, it was pretty interesting: With Tommy Jones's ball
having trouble finishing... I can only imagine what it would be like for an
'ordinary person' trying to bowl on that condition.

Also, I think it is interesting that the lefties have to play "real shots"
more than I recall them having to do in the past. I remember a time when
everyone [even Earl] basically played around the first arrow with the only
difference being pretty much if it was down-and-in or if they flared it out
to the gutter. [and I remember noticing, to my surprise, that Jason Couch
seemed to be the ONLY lefty I'd ever seen play the third arrow]. But with
the new lane conditions, it seems that the lefties basically have to play
the same type of shots that the righties do.

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